Bulldog Breeds

There are many Bulldog Breeds, but the original one is the English Bulldog.

Their face usually has folds of skin, which gives them their character. They have large round eyes and a very droopy muzzle.

These dogs have really wide shoulders, which are about the same level as the head. They typically have an under bite and some of them show a bit of their teeth unintentionally.

These dogs are known to be heavy droolers, so watch out for any carpets you might have at the house. All bulldog breeds are very loving animals that are extremely protective of their owners. They are quite easily amused and they love playing with their owners.

They are the 78th dog out of 80 in intelligence, meaning that they are one of the least smartest dogs in the world. This does not mean they are impossible to train though, as they are able to quickly adapt once they get the concept.

A BullDog can live in a number of different types of environment, from a nice country home to a small apartment.

They do require Regular Exercise because all that pint up energy can make them go crazy. They are extremely hard to handle when this happens, so be sure to give them at least an hour walk a day.

It is recommended that these dogs do not run, because of their short snort; it makes it very hard for them to breath. When they run, they do not get enough oxygen into their blood stream and can pass out from the exhaust.

This can be quite damaging to their health if this happens often. Owners who are looking into getting this breed of dog, should be aware that extreme amounts of activity is not suited for a dog like this.

Even though heavy exercise is not recommended, playing with them is. Throwing a ball at a short distance or playing a certain tug game is completely acceptable.

If these dogs do not get proper exercise, they can become overweight. Bulldog breeds that are overweight will start to have lung and Dog Health Heart Disease problems.

Their joints can become heavily strained as well, which can make walking hurt. It is important that you give your dog a healthy lifestyle by going on daily walks with him and feeding him the right amount of Dog Food.

It is best to Visit Your Veterinarian and talk to him about how much you should feed your dog, because sometimes the measurements on the dog food bag is incorrect.

Every dog is different and the best way to know the exact amount is through a professional.

These dogs are prone to Dog Hip Dysplasia, so it is very important to prepare your Dog First Aid Kit with the proper medicine if your dog already has it.

When they have this Dog Disease, it should be emphasized more than ever that they do not run. This can seriously wear down the hip joint and cause your dog to be in extreme amounts of pain.

You will have to give him some anti-inflammatory medicine along with some pain killers if it gets this bad.

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