Bulldog Puppies

When you are considering buying a couple of Bulldog Puppies, make sure you are buying from a very trust worthy breeder.

There are many breeders that will try and sell you some puppies without putting their health in mind. This usually means that you have a higher chance of getting a puppy that has a couple of genetic defects.

Many professionals will tell you to boycott any pet stores, because they usually get their puppies from puppy mills. This might be true with the majority of pet stores, but be sure to look if it applies to your local one.

Puppy mills are basically big puppy factories where they take the dogs away from the mother the moment they are weaned. If you know anything about dogs and puppies, little young ones must stay with the mother a couple of months after they are weaned as they are still quite attached to her.

It can be quite traumatizing for many bulldog puppies if they are no longer with their mother. The reason why these puppy mills pull them away from their mother so early is so that they can maximize their profit.

The definition of a Bulldog Puppy mill is that they work solely on profit and do not have any interest in the dog's health or well being. A lot of these dogs do not get any updated shots.

This means that they can be crawling with infectious Dog Diseases. They also do not care if the parents have any sort of genetic disease that can be passed on to their children.

In the end, you can end up with a sick and traumatized BullDog where his sole purpose for living is through financial gain.

When looking for real and true breeders, then you should most definitely go and check out their facilities before buying any bulldog puppies. Shady breeders will not let you see the parents or the other siblings, so keep an eye out for this.

Most breeders will be happy for you to come by and would actually feel safer if you asked them questions. Good breeders care about the well being of their dogs. Their reason for getting into the business should have not been for financial gain, but to improve the quality of life for the breed.

Some of these Bulldog Breeds do have genetic problems and the goal of a breeder is to help weed them out through selective breeding.

They might be expensive, but you know that what you're getting is a certified dog that qualifies for the breed's standard. This does cost more, but you are a lot less likely to pay huge amounts of money to vets and for Dog First Aid Kits when you know you have a healthy dog.

You will also know that you are supporting the good guys who are trying to make a difference in the world vs the people who are only doing this for money and do not care whether a dog is healthy or unhealthy.

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