Canine Ear Infections

by Janeen B

Husband Rob, Caesar, & Franchesca

Husband Rob, Caesar, & Franchesca

Canine Ear Infections
Can Have Unexpected Sources

Our 6 year old German Shepherd Dog (GSD), Caesar, is a beautiful pure-bred, registered GSD. We had problems a few years ago with his ears - he had recurring ear infections, along with an AWFUL shedding problem. His vet (our breeder's vet) kept telling us that his ears were infected with yeast, and she continually gave us drops for his ears. This went on for 2-4 months.

Then, after several recurrences, I finally hit my breaking point and took Caesar to MY vet (Dr. Brad McClung of McClung's Animal Hospital, located in Tiffin, OH). He examined Caesar's ears and discovered terrible swelling and some dried blood in his ears. He took a culture, drew some blood, and wanted to check his thyroid. Low and behold, the problem was a low thyroid condition. Dr. Brad went on to not only explain how the thyroid condition affects shedding problems, recurring ear infections, and other health conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed. But since Caesar deomonstrated several indicators, Dr. Brad felt it best to check his thyroid.

Dr. Brad also took me back to the lab to show - under a microscope - just how serious Caesar's ear infection was. He then carefully explained the dried blood and serious inflammation in Caesar's ears. He gave me a prescription of ibuprofen to reduce the swelling in Caesar's ears, and then once that was done, we would start an ear drop regimen to fight the infection. Dr. Brad also said that if Caesar's tests came back showing a thyroid condition, that we would start him on pills to fight that, too.

Today, three years later, Caesar has not had a single ear infection, his coat is thick and beautiful, and he is "perfectly healthy" at 98 lbs. Thanks to Dr. Brad McClung, Caesar is now back to being our beautiful, healthy, gentle giant, and we are a happy family again!!

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Aug 16, 2009
Always get a second opinion
by: Bernie

Just like with people, a second opinion can never hurt. As you show, misdiagnosis is a problem for everyone and our four legged friends as well.

Apr 16, 2010
Smelly Ears
by: Anonymous

Good to know. I have been scolded for years by my vet because my dog has chronic ear infections despite me cleaning her ears out as least once a week. He also complains that she is overweight despite me taking her out for regular runs and feeding her nothing but weight control dog food. It wouldn't surprise me if she did have a problem with her thyroid.

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