Solving Your Dog’s
Car Sickness Problem

Car sickness is a serious, and not so pleasant sickness that may be affecting your dog.

Yes, dogs can suffer from carsickness just as humans can.

If your dog is suffering from this there are some remedies that can be tried.

These remedies will make the car ride more pleasant for both you and your dog.

If your dog is prone to getting sick in the car, use the following solutions to eventually eliminate the problem, but to make your life easier, you probably want to invest in car seat covers that will make your cleanup job much easier

There are a couple different types of this, and for each type a different remedy.

The three types of car sickness are traumatic reinforcement, leader type, and genuine car sickness.

Diagnosing your dog’s specific type will be the first step towards finding a remedy that works.

If your dog has traumatic reinforcement car sickness you will notice that he or she only gets sick when they experience a traumatic experience at the end of the trip.

This occurs many times when the dog is being taken to the vet.

If your dog only gets sick when going certain places this is called traumatic sickness.

One remedy to try would be to trick your dog.

If your dog does not know that he is going to the vet, he will not get sick.

Try different routes to get to the destination, and see if this helps.

Another type of this is leader type.

This is when the dog gets sick from his inability to control his surroundings.

This is the hardest type to cure.

The owner will most likely need to visit with the vet on a corrective plan of action.

An owner of this type of dog will need to make sure that the dog knows who is the leader, which is the owner not the dog.

The dog will need some time to adjust to this; it will take many weeks to change the behavior.

A different reward plan will be needed in order to retrain the dog to know you are boss.

Rewards need to be given based on when the owner decides, and not when the dog decides.

Short car rides a couple times a day are also used to get the dog in the habit of riding in the car.

The trip length is increased over time. With time and patience your dog can be broken of his habit.

The last type is genuine sickness.

If your dog is suffering from this he is most likely getting sick on almost every car ride.

This sickness is caused from the motion of being in the car. Owners will need to administer some type of motion sickness medicine to help the dog.

Talking to your vet to get suggestions on the medicine may be necessary.

Your dog may also grow out of this with age.

Car Sickness to Dog Anxiety