Catahoula Bulldog Information

The Catahoula Bulldog is not nearly as well known as its cousins the English Bulldog and the American Bulldog .

In fact, it's not actually a purebred at all, but rather a mix between an American bulldog and the Catahoula leopard dog. The first time the two breeds are crossed, the resulting puppies are 50% American BullDog and 50% Catahoula leopard, and this is considered a true Catahoula bulldog.

Depending on how those pups are mated the next group of offspring can be a 25/75 percent mix with a lean towards either the Catahoula or the American bulldog. If their blood is thinned any further then they're not actually considered a Catahoula bulldog anymore.

Breeders usually attempt to keep the ratio above 25/75 because any less and the characteristics that they're shooting for tend to get “muddied” down in the resulting blood mix.

As far as the size and build of the Catahoulan bulldog is concerned, it retains much of the stocky build and low-set strength of its American bulldog parent. They're classified as medium-large dogs that usually weight between 75 and 100 pounds when fully grown to maturity.

Full shoulder height doesn't usually go higher than 26 inches, although they've been known to be as short as 22 inches.

The coat of the Catahoulan bulldog also takes after the BullDog side. It's short and smooth, and does not shed very much, making this an excellent indoors dog.

Bulldog Breeds that live in cooler climates will start to show a short under coat, but if the dog is housed in warmer temperatures it usually won't grow one at all, just like the American English Bulldog .

The color of the eyes is one of the main traits sought by breeders when crossing these two breeds. American Bulldog Puppies might have ice blue, gold, amber, emerald green or brown eyes, and they've even been known to have heterochromia, which is where both of the eyes are different colors. The ears are floppy and triangle shaped.

For the most part, the Catahoula bulldog is used as a working dog, and this means that it can get into scrapes more often than other breeds. Relevant Dog First Aid skills should be the same, as you would use on any breed of bulldog.

They're an excellent companion for hunters, and their intelligence and mild temperament also make them extremely good herders. Hunters will often take Catahoula on bear hunting trips, as they combine the size and aggression of the American Bulldogs with the speed, agility, and intelligence inherent in the Catahoula leopard dog.

The Catahoula has been bred for over a century, and the rumor is that the breed came about because ranchers in the Southern US wanted a dog that was good for herding, but could also become a formidable opponent for the once populous black bears in the region.

They are friendly, outgoing, and make excellent guard dogs, all traits which are perfect for both a home pet and a rugged working dog.

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