Cheyenne - our little Red Heeler

by Rhea Ashworth

Cheyenne and her Puppies

Cheyenne and her Puppies

Cheyenne was born March 12th 2007 to a liter of eight other puppy’s. And of course she was the runt of them all. From the time she was born she was a wanderer, mom could never keep her tucked in.

Changes in Cheyenne After her 1st day of birth we noticed her to be going down hill, she was losing strength, and we often found her cold, and pushed a way from the dinner table. So I began to feed her my self.

I went to the Vets office and got some milk re-placer and a puppy bottle, after the first feeding I soon learned she had and attitude and defiantly didn’t like this bottle!

What was we to do?

I tried an eye dropper that was worse…so I went to the store and got her a regular baby bottle and this one worked she LOVED it…she was hooked…

Does she come with Diapers?

As for us it was just like having a real baby all over again the night feedings, taking her every where we went – We where calving heifers at the time so I put her in a little box with a heating pad and off we went. She was a pretty good conversation starter. We even took her to rodeos, it was so cute every one would come see what we had in the baby blanket. She stole every one hearts.

Whow two Moms!

I still tried to get her to mingle with the other puppy’s but that was sort of hard, she wanted them but they weren’t sure of her, mom treated her just fine she licked and cared for her just as her own which she was, I was just helping her out…

Picking out her name was not hard, I had often said the next dog we got I was going to name Cheyenne if it was a female…so after waiting for just about a month, my husband and I where watching a little TV and he ask when I was going to name her?

I told him I was scared to name her, I was still afraid she would die. He says it has been a month since she was born, don’t you think she deserves a name?

So that night we named her Cheyenne.

We noticed She was different As Cheyenne got a little older she was having problems getting up and moving. I took her to a couple of local vets and after a bit of time we all decided she had a sever ear infection. This is what we treated her for.

What were we to do you have to remember she wasn’t even six weeks old yet. After a few more weeks it was decided that she had damaged a nerve behind her eye with this ear infection. This in turn messed up her balance and motor skills…Our son suggested to us to put her down (to sleep) we couldn’t do it. Cheyenne was our baby! So we plugged along helping her get up and move around.

Cheyenne hops like a rabbit She finally started to get the hang of “hopping” I suspect you would call it. She moves around kind of like a rabbit.

She does a lot of circles to get some where some times. You might think she is ignoring you but she isn’t, some times her body doesn’t do what her brain is telling her to do. If she falls over we have to pick her up, to this day we really have to watch her.

Cheyenne is different but… We have four other dogs and they all love her. We have one in particular that really watches over her. If she falls he will stay by her side for the most part. They really love her, they do not care that she is a little different from all the rest.

Cheyenne has no idea that she is different, she is happy, all the time! Talk about smart…it is scary! She will set when she is asked to (it is hard for her to stay she needs to move all the time) You tell her it is time for bed and she hops into the bed room in her spot and waits there for her treat.

Nap Time….
Cheyenne is a creature of habit. She has gotten into one habit that is kind of funny, I shower in the morning and my husband after work, she is right there to lay by the shower while we shower, if you shut the door on her, she can open it and come on in and wait for you. (My husband started give her drips of water on her head, she loves this) so now she waits for her puddles…. So we have given her a nick name of Puddle Head…

What a personality She loves to go for rides in the truck, you tell her “lets go for a ride” and out the door she goes and bounces or hops back and forth at the truck door waiting for a lift in.

Oh, and we can’t forget the popcorn (this one is new) since it is winter and we are in the house a little early, we enjoy a bag of popcorn well of course we need to share with the kids (the dogs).

What happens if we don’t pop the pop corn?

Cheyenne will come and sit at my feet and stare at me then go to the kitchen by the microwave look at it and come back and stare at me again. (all of this in a round about way – she needs to do her circles) We get the message though and pop up some pop corn. She is so funny….we love her…

Cheyenne and her Pups

Cheyenne and Mother Hood Last Fall she gave birth to puppy’s. This was not suppose to happen, but we where at a family branding and I had left her in the yard at the house (unfortunately we don’t dare take her with when we ride or work cattle.) any way long story short one of the male border collies of one of our friends figured out how to get in the yard with her. The rest is history…..

We where spooked that she would die giving birth, but she didn’t, she had six pups and we saved two of them, believe it or not she raised both of them just fine…The puppy’s soon learned (with in a couple days) to come to her when she had fell over, it is such a miracle how they functioned as a family…truly amazing….we don’t dare spay her, we are afraid that she would die, so we just need to watch her a little closer….

It has been two years+ since her birth, and to this day Cheyenne is doing great! Sometimes we get people who ask us if we still have the retarded dog. I simply say yes we still have Cheyenne and she isn’t retarded (by no means) she is a miracle and she is just our little off heeler….

Something to think about you know I haven’t found another dog that dislikes her, other dogs don’t seem to think she has a problem, they just play like any other dog. Our dogs are learning how to play with her without her falling over, oh, she still falls, but there are days when they play all day long and she never falls over…she don’t move like a normal dog, and she never well, but that is alright, she isn’t any different for any other.

You can follow Cheyenne adventures at - just look under stories

She is a very special dog and I love telling people about her.

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Jan 12, 2010
Very touching
by: Anonymous

I think it wonderful when someone with a big hart takes on the challenge of a not so perfect animal. Keep up the good work.

Sep 19, 2013
by: Robert Buoy

Wow, she looks identical to my heeler buddy! The same exact spot on the same eye and everything! They are really great dogs.

Nov 30, 2014
Rodeo Dog
by: Frank Esquibel

She could also be my figs twin. Uncanny resemblance.

Jul 14, 2016
Just a little update
by: Anonymous

I just pulled this up after such a long time, thought I should up date it...about two years ago we lost our friend and campaign Cheyenne, one day she just laid down and died, but we feel so blessed to have her in our lives as long as we did especially when the vets didn't really give her much of a chance.

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