Cheyennes Dog Photos

The following are some of Cheyennes Dog Photos you can see her wonderful pets Charlie and Ike alone with her story about them.

Charlie - We found Charlie wondering alone with six of his brothers and sisters near Ajo, AZ when he was about 8 weeks old.

Unable to resist this little blonde’s charm we decided to bring him home and give him a better life.

The little guy was a very car sick on the trip back to Phoenix and since he kept “up-chucking”, I thought Charlie was an appropriate name for him and it stuck.

About a week at home with us, I began noticing signs of parvo and took him to the vet immediately.

It was true, our baby was sick and needed to spend some time overnight to save his life.

After 24 hours he returned home with us with a bag of fluids that we had to inject every few hours to make sure he stayed hydrated.

He also needed lots of protein so a diet of chicken and rice was what he ate for about a month.

Charlie is now a year old and is healthy and happy puppy.

One of his best traits, is his affection.

Every night he comes to each side of the bed, puts his paws up and gives hugs and kisses to his mom and dad before settling in for the night.

And each morning he wakes me up with more hugs and kisses.

He’s an incredible dog and we are very fortunate to have him in our lives.

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Ike - Ike was raised in an abusive home and was eventually taken away which was when he was adopted by my husbands father.

Because of the abuse, Ike needed lots of love and attention, which was exactly what he got.

He also was showered with table scraps and occasional cheeseburgers from McDonalds.

Because Ike was spoiled with unhealthy eating habits, he became very overweight.

We inherited Ike this past summer when my husbands father passed away.

I have kept him on a strict diet and he has lost approximately 15lbs!!!

He is now much more active and loves to play and run around with Charlie.

Ike is also very affectionate and loves to gives kisses.

We hope to have Ike for several more years because he is a wonderful addition to our family.

I hope you enjoyed Cheyennes dog photos.

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