Chihuahua Rat Terrier Information

The Chihuahua Rat Terrier is a designer hybrid breed. Hybrid breed means that the two parents of the designer breed are purebreds.

The Rat Terrier Chihuahua is also known as the “Rat-Cha” and has many other nicknames such as Rat-chi, Chi-rat, Chi-rat Terrier, and Rat-chi Terrier. They are becoming more of a popular mixed breed.

The Chihuahua Rat Terrier generally has big ears and eyes with a smooth coat. Since they are a small breed, they are an excellent pet for an apartment. Like most designer breeds, the Chihuahua Rat Terrier can have characteristics from either the Chihuahua breed or the Rat Terrier breed.

The aggressive nature of the Chihuahua breed is less common in the Rat Terrier. This mixed breed first was introduced to the world in the 1990’s and are said to be the best designer hybrid breed by far. You can read about other Types of Chihuahuas here.

There isn’t any major health issues associated with this mix of a Chihuahua and Rat Terrier but, regular check ups at the vet is required. You should also learn some Dog First Aid.

The nature of the breed can be depended on the bloodline of the mother and father.

It is very important to buy this breed from a responsible, experienced knowledgeable and truthful breeder. They are a small breed and are meant to be indoors.

Since Chihuahua and Rat Terriers are small they do not take well to the cold weather outdoors. Investing in a small sweater is ideal.

The colors of the Chihuahua and Rat Terrier vary. Colors such as tricolor, tan, black, and white are common. Their ears can either be floppy or stand straight up. This also depends on which genes of the parents were favored.

The Chihuahua Terrier usually has a short coat but can have a long coat due to the Chihuahua breed. The Rat Terrier can be startled to loud noises so they are more then likely to bark and let their owners know that someone is at the door or coming.

They are usually easy to train but consistent training sessions daily is required. This breed are usually not yappy dogs but can be due to the nature of the Chihuahua breed.

The Rat Terrier breed are known to be farm dogs, so exercise for this mixed breed is needed. They generally get along with children but rough play is not suitable for this small mixed breed. The Chihuahua Terrier is very over protective and are considered to be very good guard dogs. The Rat Terrier Chihuahua are very obedient and loyal companions.

This designer hybrid breed loves to snuggle under covers with their owners or anywhere that will keep them warm. The Chihuahua Terrier mix loves to sleep in small spaces to feel safe and comfortable. A female Pregnant Chihuahua can have a liter of two to six and is usually not in any danger when giving birth.

Over all the Chihuahua Rat Terrier is a great addition to any family.

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