Chocking Hazard

by Terri B
(Laplace Louisiana)

Not sure if this story belongs here or not, but thought I would write it so others would be aware.

My daughters future father in law gave the pups some of the chewy milk bone dog treats for Christmas. I had given them one on a few occasions before this happened with no problems.

Within seconds of giving them a treat this time our middle pup started clawing at his mouth and then panicked. Not sure if he had taken a breath and sucked it backward or what but in just what seemed like an instant he was not breathing as it had become lodged in his throat.

No amount of my trying to get it out would work so we turned him upside down practically and just stared hitting in between his shoulders on his back. Thankfully it became dislodged and he was fine afterward but it was one of the most horrifying things I have ever dealt with.

The shape of these make them very easy to lodge in a dogs throat. Just wanted to make others aware.

Terri :)

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