Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth
Daily Dental Care

Let’s Begin Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth

Wet the toothbrush and put a small dab of his toothpaste on it.

Start brushing one of the upper canines, using a circular motion at the gum line.

Brush for five to ten seconds, then repeat on the other fang.

Next, the upper fourth premolars. There is an uncomfortable way to brush these teeth, and a comfortable way.

The uncomfortable method involves pulling back his lip all the way until you expose the tooth, then brushing.

Here's the comfortable way. Draw an imaginary vertical line from his eye down to his mouth.

This is where you'll find the fourth premolar.

Not into cleaning your dogs teeth yourself?  Here's a way for a dog to do it for you. 

Bones provide a good brushing, but there are several important things to remember.  First, use only large knuckle or leg bones of a big animal.  Don't use pork or chicken bones, ever.  And never cook them.  Cooked bones splinter, and don't clean their teeth.

Ask at your butchers or supermarket if they have soup bones, or bones for dogs. 

Often, these large bones are not usable for human consumption, so they go to the landfill if you don't buy them.  A large bone will last at least a week or two, if you take it off the dog and freeze it when he's done.  Train him to allow you to take it, by trading with him for something else he likes.

Other options are dental chews or bully sticks.  These will give a dogs gums a good flossing, and prevent gingivitis.

Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth - Daily Care For Your Dog

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