Common Dog Health Problems and Information

When you own a dog there are some Common Dog Health Problems that you should know about. Often your dog becomes your best friend and you will feel a sense of responsibility to keep your pet as healthy as possible to ensure many healthy years of life.

Whether you have selected a breed that is tiny or one that is rather large, most all can suffer from some dog health problems. You need to know when is the appropriate time to visit the vet as well as how to prevent certain health problems.

Keep in mind that prevention and treatment are the best ways to make sure that your dog remains healthy and happy.

In the following, you will find some of the most common dog health problems that your dog may suffer from.

  • As one of the deadliest common dog health problems, Parvovirus is a disease that spreads rapidly and kills quickly. It is spread through feces among dogs. As many as eighty percent of all puppies die from this infectious disease, but this is unnecessary as it is preventable. In homes, the parvovirus can live only about a month; however, in the yard it can be present for years. You should always make sure that all puppies that are going to be brought to your home have been vaccinated. To monitor for parvovirus, you should monitor for diarrhea, vomiting, no appetite and lethargy.
  • Rabies is among the highly dangerous problems that a dog can contract. It is ultimately fatal for all dogs. No dog will survive this disease. Rabies can be spread from dogs to humans. With the improvement of medicine in the past decades, humans can now survive the disease. The disease presents itself with nausea and vomiting, fever and discharge from the eyes, aggressive behavior, seizures, paralyses and death. This is another of the Common Health Problems that can be vaccinated against.
  • Distemper is a very contagious disease that is common among dogs. There is no cure for it, therefore; it is fatal to the animal. This disease can also be vaccinated against. After the age of three months, all dogs are more likely to contract this disease if they have not been properly vaccinated. You should look for coughing, lack of appetite, erratic fever, eye discharge, nose discharge, seizures and eventual death.

Additional Information about Common Dog Health Problems

Regardless of the age of your dog, the vaccinations that you give your pet are the most important ways of keeping them healthy. There are many more health problems that can arise from the lack of doing so.

Before bringing home any puppy, you should first have them vaccinated if they have not been. Contact your local vet for a complete schedule of the vaccinations that are important to your dog. Some of the other treatments to maintain the dog’s health can be given at home and will not require the services of a vet.

Unhealthy dogs can be unhappy as well as expensive. Vaccinate your dog as a puppy and continue vaccinating to help that puppy grow into the dog that provides you with years of comfort.

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