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Most people want to compare dog foods because they understandably want to feed their pup the best nutritional content available.

Invariably, this dog food comparison comes down to two things: The best canned dog food and the best dry dog food. Both have their strong points as well as their weaknesses, and you should always remember that proper nutrition, although irreplaceable, is no substitute for thorough dog first aid knowledge when it comes to taking care of your dog.

Whenever you compare dog foods, you need to look for certain qualities and ingredients that certify that the dog food is, in fact, nutritional. There have been a lot of references to the quality of dog foods in literature and popular culture, including the idea that the only meats that actually go into dog foods are the refuse and rejects from the human meat industry.

In reality, this isn't very far from the truth, and just as it wouldn't be healthy for a human to eat these things, ingredients like that have very detrimental effects on your dogs health. It would be the equivalent of eating fast food for every meal of your life.

The first tip when you go to the store to compare dog foods is to stay away from generic labels, such as when an ingredients list mentions “animal fat.” What you should look for instead are mentions of specific animals, for example chicken fat, lamb meal, or beef fat.

Whenever the manufacturer just uses a generic labeling like “animal” it's a good indicator that they're using very low quality meats from a variety of unnamed sources.

Next, you want to look for products that use human grade ingredients, if you can find them.

You might have to look online for these types of dog foods.

Technically, dog foods aren't allowed to say human grade on the label, but they can use meats that are considered human grade in their ingredients. Human grade meat means that food companies didn't reject it for humans. Normally, all that rejected meat is sent to be turned into dog and cat food. If you want an added kick of health then find some foods that use hormone free meat.

Now you should scour the ingredient labels for the words “corn gluten meal.”

Unfortunately, manufacturers try to slide the fact that they're using this by making up new words for it that most people won't recognize it, much the way corn syrup in human foods has nearly 40 different names.

The reason you don't want corn gluten meal is that it's actually a waste material that is the leftovers of many human food production techniques.

It's technically just trash. It's a source of protein, which is why a lot of companies use it, although these are incomplete proteins that actually provide no nutritional benefit to your dog whatsoever. It's also incredibly cheap, which is another reason why it's so widely used.

Remember these simple tips next time you go to the store to compare dog foods, and you should have a lot more luck. You should read this article as well Dog Food Comparisons

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