Some Dachshund Dog Information

Learning general Dachshund dog information is very important for the first time Dachshund owner.

You can find a wide variety of Dachshund Dogs all with completely different personalities and looks. The Dachshund typically has three types of coats: short, wire, and the Long Hair Dachshund Dog.

These dogs can have one color on their coat, a merle coat (single-colored coat with spots), a piebald coat (a single-colored coat with a pattern), two colors, and there are even some tri-color coats.

As most people might know by simply looking up pictures or reading about Dachshund dog information, the dog's color is mostly brown. The most common Dachshund colors are red, tan, and black. Though it greatly depends on your color preference, you are quite easily able to get a cream, white, silver, gray, light brown, or a chocolate Dachshund.

It should be noted that the American Kennel Club along with the Dachshund Club of America state that solid black or chocolate colored Dachshunds are nonstandard. This means that, despite their handsome look, they are often frowned upon when in the conformation ring.

Dogs that have a piebald pattern are also nonstandard, but they can still be shown. Most judges will judge a dog's color, however there are a selected few who will judge the dog based on anatomy instead. When judges finally look past the color difference, piebald dachshund champions have came up from under the woodwork.

The most important part of gathering Dachshund dog information is to find out their health history and prepare your Dog First Aid Kit for any common injuries associated with the Dachshund Dog Breed.

As the breed is quite small, it will not have common joint problems that many larger breeds face. Unfortunately, the Dachshund has a rather long history of spinal problems. Intervertebral disk disease is common among the breed because of the long spine and short ribcage.

Overweight dogs have a higher chance of getting this disease due to the amount of pressure they put on the spine. However, dogs that exercise excessively are also high at risk because their body is simply not used to running long distances.

The only way to reduce the risk of intervertebral disk disease in the Dachshund Dog Breeds is through dieting and reducing their food intake. When you first get this Dog, it is important to Visit Your Veterinarian and talk to them about the correct amounts to feed for your new pet and you should not follow the instructions on the Dog Food bag.

Addition to spine problems, they are also able to get a patellar Luxation, a condition when the kneecap becomes dislocated. This is actually quite common among smaller breeds and can easily be fixed by surgery. Eye loss might also become a concern, though the degree of blindness varies between dogs. It is important to ask your vet if you should give your new dog any supplements or foods that will help his eyesight and prolong his overall Health.

There are of course other Dog Health Problems, but these three are probably the most common.

Educating yourself About Dachshund Dogs potential risks your Dachshund Dog might have will greatly help you and your dog live a longer and happier life together.

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