Dachshund Dog Training Information

Dachshund dog training is pretty easy to achieve. They are fairly clever dogs and once they begin to understand what you are trying to teach them, they will quickly follow.

Dogs like the Dachshund contain a fair amount of energy and this can be used as a training advantage. You can achieve a huge amount of progress through their excitement. They love the attention and as long as you are focusing on them, you will see a huge amount of progress.

When training a young Dachshund Dog how to sit, it can be very disorientating at first. You want to make sure that before you start your Dog Training, the dog has played a little first. When dogs play and get a little tired, they are able to focus more on what you are trying to say.

Usually it is a bad time to train puppies when they have first woken up because they still have a lot of energy and will not be able to sit still. You should never get mad at your dog for wanting to do other things. This is simply a sign that training has gone on for far too long and that your puppy needs a break.

The main motivation for getting your puppy to obey your commands is through treats. Since Dachshund Dogs are fairly small dogs in general, you can safely feed them puppy treats.

If there is a puppy vs adult treat version, buy whichever is cheaper. Typically, puppy treats have the same recipe as adult ones; the only difference is that they are just a smaller bite size. You can also break your treat in half if you have to. Feeding your dog too big of a treat can cause serious delays in training.

Some people say that you are not able to train an old dog; statements like these are simply not true. Yes, training a younger dog is easier, but old dogs are still able to learn Dachshund dog training. Old dogs simply need a directional guidance.

Think about it, they have spent their entire lives not knowing this skill and they will surely not learn it overnight. What older dogs need is simply more patience and time; everything can be done with consistent time and effort. As old dogs take a longer time to learn something new, you can not afford to miss a lesson throughout the duration of their Dachshund dog training. Aside from these key differences, you are able to train any Dachshund regardless of age.

During training you can quickly realize if there is something wrong with your dog If he is sitting in an odd position or is somewhat stiff, then you should talk to your vet about whether this is normal.

Dogs love to run and if you notice that your Dachshund is limping or running a bit oddly, this could indicate spinal problems. Whenever you take your dog out to the park to play or train, be sure to have a Dog First Aid Kit in the car.

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