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Dachshund dogs are really loving and loyal companions. Despite their short legs and overall size, they can be very aggressive guard-dogs.

They are known for their excessive barking towards strangers. It is sometimes extremely hard to get them to stop and owners might find themselves purchasing a bark-collar. Their bite is extremely tough and many people end up surprised at how such a tiny dog can inflicted so much pain. The Dachshund has a strong mentality to protect his owner and his surrounding family.

The Dachshund Breed are quite intelligent dogs that crave attention. They love to be surrounded by familiar people and will always try and get you to play a game of fetch. They are absolutely enthralled with catching things repeatedly.

It is simply in their instinct to chase objects and small animals. When you are out with your Dachshund dogs, it is extremely important to keep an eye on them as they can disappear within a split second. Having them on a leash is incredibility important when you are out in strange areas, as they are known to wander off and track random scents.

Dachshund dogs are less likely to wander off when in a city than a rural or woodsy area. The Dachshund Breeds are actually ideal apartment dogs, as they are small and not prone to making big messes.

These dogs do get bored if they feel like they aren't getting enough attention. A good indicator of this is when you are having a hard time finding important objects like keys and other essentials. Dachshunds are known to play 'hide-and-seek' with your objects when they have nothing to do.

When you are about to head out for work, be sure to give them a couple of toys to keep themselves entertained. In doing this, you will be less likely to find random objects under the bed and couches.

Dachshunds have some Dogs Health concerns that need to be addressed. Due to their long spine and short legs, they have a higher chance of getting spinal injuries than other dogs their size. They are usually very muscular dogs with good balance, but when you see your dog sort of wobbling and not looking himself or herself it should arise concern.

Degenerative disc disease is a common spine related disease among these dogs. Dogs with this condition will have to take some anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce the swollen discs. An addition to their back problem, they can become blind, deaf, have Thyroid Gland problems, and be allergic to various things.

If a vet's recommendation is to feed your dachshunds supplements, it is best to ask your vet for the right supplement, however supplements rich in vitamin A are always good. The best Dog First Aid for spinal injuries is to reduce the risk of getting it.

Make sure you do not overfeed your Dog as this is creates a huge strain on their spine. Dogs that exhibit in racing sports have a higher risk of getting spine injuries and many do not recommended it for your Dachshunds.

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