Daily Care For Your Dog Will Maintain Her Good Health

Daily care for your dog takes only minutes each day and will help keep her in the best health.

You'll avoid conditions like gum disease, doggie breath, and skin problems. And you'll also know when things aren't quite right with your dog, before an injury, illness or condition worsens.

Best of all, you'll be lessening the chance that your dog will have to suffer due to a preventable or avoidable problem.

Here are some tips that can help maintain her good health

  1. Be aware of breed-specific and size-specific issues. For example, if your dog is very tall, elevate her food and water bowls. Stretching down to the floor can cause neck and other problems. If your breed is prone to a particular dog disease or condition, learn the signs and symptoms and keep an eye out for them.

  2. If your dog spends the day outside, ensure there is shade in the summer (as well as lots of water) and protection from the cold during winter (along with unfrozen water).

  3. Dog-proof your home to ensure that there are no opportunities for injury or poisoning. This is an ongoing task. Every day, something may be dropped on the floor that could injure your dog, asphyxiate her or poison her.

Daily Care For Your Dog

Below are six activities to do each day that will help with daily care for your dog.

Spend Time With Your Dog Dogs are social, and don't deal well when left alone for long periods of time. Read why quality companionship goes a long way.

A Daily Examination Invest two or three minutes every day to give your dog a quick check. You'll soon learn what's normal so that you can detect problems before they worsen. You will also find parasites like ticks, before they are an issue.

Teach your dog Co-operative Husbandry to make it easier for your dog to put up with being inspected.

Dental Care is an important part of daily care for your dog. Learn why, and how to provide it.

Learn how to  Clean Your Dogs Teeth  as part of your dog daily care.

Daily Dog Grooming can help prevent skin, eye and ear problems.

The following information will help you with your dog grooming.

Caring For Your Dogs Coat

Caring For Your Dogs Nails

Caring For Your Dogs Ears

Caring For Your Dogs Ear Mites Infection

Caring For Your Dogs Eyes

Regular Exercise for your dog is very important to keep her in shape, relieve boredom. It's a time when you're together. It can also be good exercise for you!

If you perform these aspects of daily care for your dog, you'll find her mental and physical health stay at their peak for a dog of her age, and you'll have fewer behavioral problems as well.