My beloved dog Jasmin I miss so bad.

My beloved dog Jasmin I miss so bad.

My heart was broken last summer. I was working in Rangely Colorado. It is somewhat a high dessert area. The days were hot. My dog was an old black tri Australian Sheppard. Normally I would be with her all day. We went for long daily walks all year round. But that summer I went to work for long hours.

Living in a new place, I wasn't thinking about how much water that I needed to provide her. I just gave her the usual bowel of water. Later I noticed the local people provided their dogs with big tubs of water each day.

My dog started to lose her balance one day. Took her to the local vet. he said that being old, she was having heart attacks.

What I do believe though, is that she had overheated and probably became dehydrated causing her body too much stress.

Now I will always provide a large tub of fresh water daily, especially in the hot summer months. Even putting a little Gatoraid in the water for the real hot dry days. And of course, make sure they have ample shade!!!!

I also believe that it is good to have a digital, rectal thermometer handy to take their temperature if it is real hot out. Dogs are pretty sensitive to heatstroke since they do not sweat like us humans do.

I lost my best friend that summer. Now I have another Australian Sheppard, and plan to provide her with tons of fresh water and shade.

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