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Designer dog breeds are a relatively new fad, and result when one purebred is mixed with another to create something entirely new. These dog hybrids are given unique names that often take a part from each of the parents' breed names. For example, the Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, hence the name. Over the past several years more and more of these so-called designer dog breeds have been cropping up, but where do you draw the line between designer dog and mutt? A lot of breeders are understandably worried that this practice will muddy the gene pool of some very respected breeds, but other breeders are really getting into the craze, producing stranger and stranger hybrids each year.

One of the benefits of crossbreeding different genetics is that you step out of the waters of shared genetics that most purebreds are in. When a breeder works with one specific breed, it's not uncommon to breed a puppy with a sibling or relative. This narrows down the gene pool and can lead to a lot of inherent health problems that Dog First Aid would not be able to handle. It's long been known that mutts and mixed breeds are generally much healthier than purebreds, so this designer dog fad is an excellent way to get people excited about healthier Rare Dog Breeds.

So what constitutes a designer dog as opposed to a plain old mutt?

For the most part, a designer dog is formed as the first generation when two separate purebreds are bred together. If you put together two designer dogs for breeding, the result would end up looking a lot like either one of the original two parents. For example, if you bred a Labrador and a Poodle to get a Labradoodle, then bred two Labradoodles together, the offspring would be either predominantly Labrador or predominantly Poodle, and you would have a mix of both of these dominant dogs in the litter. Continued breeding of these offspring would have random results, but unless you mixed in a third breed, the offspring would always be comprised of only Labrador and Poodle genes.

The following are some of the Most Popular Designer Dog Breeds that we've been seeing recently.

An Australian Terrier mixed with a Yorkshire Terrier is called a Silky Terrier.

  • A Labrador Retriever mixed with a Poodle is called a Labradoodle.
  • A Mastiff crossed with a Bulldog is a Bullmastiff.
  • An Airedale Terrier mixed with a Poodle is an Airedoodle.
  • A Norwich Terrier mixed with an Affenpinscher is an Affenwich.
  • An Alaskan Malamute mixed with a Labrador Retriever is an Alaskan Malador.
  • An American Foxhound mixed with a Beagle is an American Foxeagle.
  • An American Bulldog mixed with a Great Dane is an American Dane.
  • An American Bulldog mixed with a Chow Chow is an American Chow.
  • A Belgian Sheepdog mixed with a Poodle is a Belgian Sheepdoodle.

As you can tell, the list goes on and on. There are now hundreds of known designer dog breeds.

If you are interest, here is a List of Large Dog Breeds and a List of Small Dog Breeds.

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