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The single most common disease dog heart symptom that kills dogs suddenly is the heartworm disease. Owners who do not give annual de-worming pills to their dogs will have to consider the well being of their dog's heart.

When a mosquito bites a dog, heartworms can be transmitted through the blood. In fact, this is the only way they can be transmitted. It is almost impossible to spot an infected mosquito, which is why trying to prevent it is the best Dog First Aid and it will save your dog's overall health.

When the dog is infected with heartworm, it will take about seven months for the worms to become fully-grown and capable of reproducing in the dog. Once they are full-size, they will migrate all around the body.

They will find homes in your dog's lungs, heart, and other blood vessels.

These worms will feed off your dog and can grow up to 12in in length. They are able to live about five to seven years in your dog and can still reproduce like mad until your dog dies.

You do not have to worry about getting heartworm, as it is not contagious if your dog has it. The same holds true with your other dogs, just because one has it by default does not mean that the rest of your dogs will have this disease dog heart symptom. It is likely that other animals will be affected though. This is because there is a higher chance of a mosquito biting more than one dog in the same pen.

On top of that, if an infection mosquito bites you, there is a really low chance you'll have worms. There is only a certain parasite that will hurt only dogs, cats, ferrets, and other mammals.

Humans have been affected by heartworm, but the worm has never been able to complete its cycle in a human body and it will not be strong enough to grow in the heart. The worm will live in the lungs and will appear as a tumor. Though, it must be emphasized that heartworm in humans are extremely rare.

If you've adopted a dog that was at a shelter, it is highly important that you get him checked out.

Shelters often do not have the funds to give their dogs the proper medicine and it is essential that you take care of this the moment you have him. Vets will often be able to tell if there is something wrong with you're dog's heart, but that's not always the case.

Dogs do not always have symptoms in the early stages and will sometimes not show any indication that they are ill. The good news is that vets will just give the de-worming medicine the moment you show your new dog to him, completely preventing any future parasites. Once you're dog has worms, he would have to have three injections to help kill the worms.

As mentioned earlier, disease dog heart symptom will not show up during the early stages. The only real indicator that you're dog is sick will be in his cough.

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