Doberman Pinscher History

The Doberman pinscher history is one of constant training corrections and different breeding techniques.

Possibly more than any other breed, the Doberman has been bred to be an intimidating dog. They can actually be quite dangerous if not properly trained, but if Trained Doberman Pinschers are trained well from a young age Dobermans won't display any abnormal characteristics that you wouldn't find in any other breed.

The Doberman pinscher history begins in a small knitting town in Germany called Apolda. In the late 1800's a man by the name of Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann lived in Apolda and was employed by the city as a tax collector. Tax collecting was dangerous work back then, and people were injured and harassed sometimes by angry citizens who refused to pay their taxes. They were also forced to walk through seedy parts of town, and it wasn't unheard of for a tax collector to be killed by bandits and thieves in those days.

Karl was in the unique position in that aside from collecting taxes, he was also in charge of the city's dog pound. In a spark of mad genius inspiration, Karl decided to craft the perfect protection dog to keep him safe during his collection job. At the pound he had his pick of virtually every regional dog, so he began breeding different types together to create something that was strong, intelligent, loyal, fast, and, most importantly for Karl, absolutely ferocious. What came out of these experiments was the early version of the Doberman Pinscher, which is also sometimes spelled Dobermann.

There are no records of the exact breeds that Karl used in the early days of the Doberman pinscher history, but based on the physical characteristics of the dog, as well as the types of breeds that were most likely around in Apolda in the late 1800's there have been several guesses.

It's generally believed that the early Doberman Pinscher was a mix of Rottweiler, Greyhound, German Pinscher, Weimaraner , Manchester Terrier, Beauceron, German Shepherd , and the German Shorthaired Pointer.

Nobody knows for sure whether all of these breeds were used or just some of them, and we're even less certain on the exact amounts of each dog that ended up in the Doberman Pinscher Dog, but in the end Karl got exactly what he needed: a tough, strong, intelligent dog that could be trained easily and became fiercely loyal to its master.

Karl Dobermann died in 1894, but by that time the Doberman pinscher history was just beginning to gather steam. The Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed was well known in Germany by the time of Karl's death, and Germany officially named the breed the Doberman pinscher after its creator. Later, they decided to take the word pinscher, which means terrier, off completely, since it didn't really resemble a terrier in any way.

Despite the strength of the breed, Doberman Pinscher Dogs are unusually prone to congestive heart failure, though it's possible to keep this condition at bay with the right Dog First Aid techniques. Doberman Pinschers are loyal dogs that will bring joy and delight to any home.

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