Doberman Pinscher Puppy Information

New owners that are taking care of a Doberman pinscher puppy may find it slightly challenging at first.

These cute little Doberman Pinschers Puppies are extremely intelligent animals and they might act out if owners are not giving them enough attention.

Doberman Pinscher Dogs that live inside the house will have a tendency to rip at the furniture when owners go to work because they are lonely or bored. If the Doberman Pinscher lives outside, she or he might start to dig up the owner's yard or bark and whine while the owner is gone.

When trying to prevent this, it is important that the Doberman Pinscher Dog feels loved and is properly cared for. If the puppy has various toys to play with, then he is less likely to rip up your sofas or cause any damage. At such a young age, Doberman Pinscher Puppies should receive more than 6 to 8 hours of attention a day.

For owners that work full time jobs and can not supply this, then sending the puppy to a dog day care for a couple of months, or until the puppy gets older, will help him develop the social skills he needs towards other people and animals. As the Doberman Pinscher puppy gets order, the need for constant attention will decrease and he will be less likely to damage the inside of your home when you leave him alone.

House breaking your Doberman pinscher puppy does take some work and time. However, it is completely possible and not as hard as it might seem. If done right, the Trained Doberman Pinscher should be trained within the month.

If done wrong, it might take 3 months. It's very important that you keep your behavior consistent to prevent the Doberman Pinscher Dog from being confused. If the dog lives in the house, then it is important you buy a tiny dog fence that you can use to section a part of the house off. This would be his temporary play area and his bathroom. You may want to remove any carpet this section might have to make cleaning a bit easier.

Whenever you don't feel like looking after your puppy, e.g when you're cooking, working, showering, etc. You will put your Doberman pinscher puppy there. For everything else though, he should be with you and you should be watching his behavior for any signs that he has to go. After you feed your Doberman Pinscher dog in the morning and in the evening take him out for a walk using a command of some kind.

Commands like, “let's go out.” or “Bathroom time” are great for this. Every time he goes, you say your selected command again and give him a treat. Soon your Doberman pinscher puppy will associate this word to the bathroom. He might not go to the bathroom at the very beginning, so when you bring him back inside, watch him very carefully and follow him around. This will prevent you having to clean up after him every time and you will soon have a trained puppy.

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