Doberman Pinscher Temperament Information

The commonly held belief these days is that the Doberman pinscher temperament is one of overt hostility and aggression, but you need to understand some things about the Doberman to see why most people think they're like this.

The main role of the Doberman Pinscher has always been as a watchdog. They were specifically trained to stand guard over a building or piece of property, and they were also trained not to hesitate if they noticed anybody trying to break in.

Most dog attacks come from Doberman Pinschers, but what they don't tell you is that a good number of these attacks were performed on criminals who were trying to enter some place they shouldn't have. It's not the dog's fault that people think they're dangerous; it's just how they were brought up.

The Doberman pinscher temperament was actually one of the main reasons why the Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed was created in the first place. Back in the late 1800's, a man by the name of Karl Dobermann was on the lookout for a breed of dog that would help keep him safe as he went about his job, which sometimes took him through some less than desirable locations in his town of Apolda, Germany.

Karl also ran the local dog pound, so he quickly put two and two together and decided that, rather than looking for a dog that embodied all of the traits he needed, he would simply create one by breeding the local dogs.

Doberman Pinscher History and dog historians aren't sure exactly what mixes Karl ended up pouring into the resulting Doberman Pinscher, but they're pretty sure that at least some of its heritage came from the older version of the German Shepherd, the Greyhound, the great dane, the German pinscher, and the Weimaraner Information, among others.

When the smoke cleared though, what the world got was an early version of the Doberman Pinscher Dog that we know and love today. It was incredibly intelligent, highly loyal, and embodied enough raw strength, energy, and muscle power to provide the intimidation that Karl so desperately needed.

From then on, the newly named Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed became the go-to hound for guard activities. It experienced a lot of use in the military as well, and is actually the official symbol for the United States Marine Corp. All of this understandably led to a large amount of emphasis being placed on the Doberman pinscher temperament; for it to be effective at its job it had to continue to be aggressive towards strangers.

Recently, Doberman Pinscher Breeders have actually been trying to breed those specific traits out of the dog to make it more desirable as a house pet for normal, everyday people that don't have a fortress that needs to be protected. European Dobermans, these days, are actually much more aggressive than their American cousins precisely because of this targeted breeding cycle.

If you're thinking about adopting a Doberman Pinscher Dog for your own home, you've made an excellent choice. It's very important to focus on proper Doberman Pinscher Training techniques while the dog is still a Doberman Pinscher Puppy so that it grows up as well behaved as possible.

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