Dobermans - Von Willebrand Disease - Super Glue

by Dallas
(Mescal, AZ, USA)

Anyone who owns a Dobie knows that Von Willebrand Disease could be a possibility. This is where the blood will not clot. Doesn't sound like a big issue until you clip your dog's nails too short and the blood won't stop. It will also happen with a wound or just from chewing a bone!

My dog was bleeding profusely from her tooth and I drove to an emergency clinic in Tucson. They informed me after testing her that there was nothing they could do to stop the bleeding. Are you kidding me?

I squirted a little super glue at the wound opening and it stopped the bleeding!

It also worked when she tore a tiny slit in the edge of her ear. After cleaning and disinfecting the wound, I put a small amount on and it held.

And yes, it has been used on her nails when needed.

Ideally, the vet can suture the wound but these are out of the ordinary circumstances and living in the boonies as I do, I have to make do sometimes.

And going for help doesn't always mean you are going to get it!

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Oct 02, 2015
essential oil help
by: Deby

Animal EO by Dr Melissa Shelton DVM, makes a remedy called cistus oil. It is used for bleeding and something you should keep in your first aid kit. Great for people too. I have a bottle for our dogs, horses, and for us. It may save your dogs' life sometime. Check out her site. As she is a vet, she has extensive use of aromatherapy oils on animals.

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