Dog Agility Training Help

A lot of owners are looking for some Dog Agility Training Help.

Dog Agility Training can be quite a rewarding process when done correctly. When dogs are able to understand their owners flawlessly it is quite an amazing site to see.

Agility and Speed Training is a great way to get an overweight dog in shape and even their owners.

Owners are constantly running with their dog and giving out commands and orders that even they can get as tired as the dog.

Agility Obedience Training is a great mental stimulant for hyper dogs with too much energy.

There are certain dogs that just simply do not understand how Dog Agility Training is done however, which is why many handlers are reaching out for some dog agility training help. Keep in mind that it could not only be the dog, but the trainer as well.

The first step to correct any problems is for your dog to have a basic understanding of Dog Obedience Training.

Instead of jumping right into Canine Agility Training, take a step back and teach them the basics like sit, down, heel, stay, come, etc. You will find yourself using these commands quite often while you are Dog Agility Training.

Teaching your dog those simple commands in the beginning can greatly increase performance, speed, and save you a lot of time.

A great incentive for your dog to learn something new is by food. Try switching up your dog treats to something that makes him want to move. You can buy large treats and simply break them in half to save on costs.

Feeding dogs big treats can take too much time for them to chew as well, so it is recommended that you either buy small bite size treats for a smaller breed than yours or just break yours in two.

They do not have to be fancy treats of any kind, however, have a variety of two treats is good. This is because having a special treat vs a regular treat gives dogs a big incentive to complete something faster.

The basic treat is for everyday moves that your dog has already learned. The other one, a special meat flavored treat, should be given to your dog when he is attempting to learn something new for the very first time and has succeeded without your help.

This means that if you are manually helping your dog towards a jump, you should give him the regular treats. Once you are able to say the command and hand motion without your dog needing your assistance, he should then get the special treat.

When giving dog agility training help, many people are surprised that the tone of voice actually matters. Dogs respond favorably to a positive sounding voice.

Shouting at your dog will make him think that whatever he is doing is constantly wrong. This certainly does not help morality or confidence, even more so if he is trying to learn something new.

Always remember to Visit Your Veterinarian and ask him about whether or not your dog is able to partake in Training Your Dog For Agility and what sort of Dog First Aid you should know when getting into the sport.

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