Dog Appeasing Pheromones Help Your Dog Cope With Your Absence

Try dog appeasing pheromones, a recently discovered way to effectively calm your dog.

Do you have an extremely anxious dog?

Does she deal poorly with your absence?

Dog appeasing pheromones (also known as


), work the same way as aromatherapy remedies — through your dog's very developed sense of smell.

Very tiny molecules enter her nostrils and trigger responses that are passed along to the brain.

The scent of


mimics the one given off by a dog nursing her puppies.

The pheromones take dogs back to their calmer, more peaceful nursing days when mom was always there to provide nurturing and attention.

How effective are dog pheromones?

Results show that dog appeasing pheromones reduce destructive behavior (damaging furniture, chewing and gnawing on plastic and wood items, trying to break down the door etc.)by 86%, excessive barking and whimpering by 70%, and soiling the house while you're away by 67%.

Combine a success rate like that with some behavioural modification and realize how dogs think and you have a very good chance of eliminating your dog's anxiety-related problem behaviors entirely.

And these pheromones won't affect humans or other animals, so there's no risk of you becoming drowsy.

DAP Diffusers

These dog pheromones are spread using a diffuser.

This small device plugs into an electrical outlet in the room where your dog stays while you're away.

The diffuser pumps out tiny molecules of the pheromones on a regular schedule. It works the same way as aromatherapy for your dog diffusers and some of the new air fresheners available today.

The diffuser itself draws the appeasing pheromones from a small attached container.

When the container is empty, it's easy to replace it with a fresh supply.

The diffuser comes with one container of pheromones.

Refills are available separately.

Dog pheromones are an exciting new option to help you help your dog deal with her separation anxiety and general nervousness.

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