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Buying a dog bark collar is something that a lot of dog owners consider when they don't get any results with more traditional methods, but this begs the question of using mechanical devices is going to be as effective as a personal approach. Before you go out and purchase a dog bark collar, here are some other strategies to try out to get your dog to stop barking.

The easiest method, though not always the most effective one, is to give your dog something to keep him occupied. Nine times out of ten a dog will bark for the simple reason that there's nothing else to do. The dog gets bored, has too much energy, and just starts to bark for no reason. This is especially the case with smaller breeds, though larger breeds will do it as well at times if they don't get enough exercise. This should be your first course of action to stop a barking dog, especially if your lifestyle demands that the dog spend most of its time alone during the day. Try to find at least 15 minutes a day to play with your dog, or focus on making walks a regular part of the routine. If you have the time and the will, you could also teach your dog a sport, like catching a Frisbee or learning some agility moves. In the end, if your dog is tired he's going to be happy and much, much quieter.

The next step before buying a dog bark collar is to work on a quiet command. This takes a lot longer, but if you get it right it's going to be more effective than either playing or buying a collar. Here's how you do it:

Whenever your dog begins to bark, just stand by his side quietly. As soon as he pauses for more than a second, say “Quiet” in a loud, firm voice. As soon as you say it, give him a treat and praise him. Keep doing this until your dog begins to recognize what the word means, which should take about a week, depending on what breed of dog you have. The best way to know that he understands the command is when he stops doing everything else and gives you his full attention in the hopes of a treat as soon as you say it.

After he recognizes what “Quiet” means, you can say it every time he starts to bark. If he stops right away, reward him with a treat and lots of verbal praise. If he keeps barking, repeat the command. Continue doing this until he stops barking, and at that moment you give him the reward and the praise. He'll eventually realize that the sooner he stops, the sooner he'll get a treat.

If none of the above methods work, you might want to consider getting a dog bark collar. These collars deliver a very light static shock to the dog any time he starts barking, which will quickly teach him not to bark.

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