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Owners experiencing trouble with their dog should consider purchasing dog barking collars. Dog barking collars are a great way to easily and quickly train your dog to stop barking. However, if you find that you're not in a hurry to stop your dog from barking, and then there are some methods aside from using the collar that one might want to try first.

One of the simplest ways of teaching your dog to stop a habit is to substitute it with another one. For example, if you're dog starts to bark when he wants food, teach him to roll over every time he is hungry or to shake your hand. Teaching your dog a new trick in place of a bad habit is the best way to get him to stop. Dogs that start to develop new behaviors will soon forget their other methods. This way of training will save you a lot of time and trouble in trying to get rid of something you absolutely hate that your dog's doing. If he's rooting in the garbage or tearing up furniture, smack him on the nose and give him a toy instead. Show him positive ways to counteract his negatives.

With barking, if he's barking at a squirrel or another animal walking by, smack him on the nose and give him a different command to follow. Typically feeding your dog after he has barked is a bad idea; this indicates a reward system. You want to let him know that barking at certain objects is not allowed and follow it up with a positive action. Smack him on the nose and make him go into the down position or make him sit. Gear his attention away from the object he is barking. If he is window height, then bringing him to a down position so he can't see the offending object is the best option. Then make him come to you or, after awhile, take him out for a walk.

Dog barking collars should be used if your pet is barking when you're away from the house. This habit can get you evicted from your home because it disturbs the neighbors. Typically dog barking collars should not be used for other purposes because they will teach your dog to never bark. This can be considered a good thing to some, but if your dog is too scared to bark, he might not alert you if there is a stranger breaking into your house or if there is an unexpected fire in the kitchen. Also, dogs that aren't allowed to bark experience a variety of behavioral problems. They can become paranoid and afraid of certain objects.

Dog barking collars can also be used to train your pooch not to bark at squirrels or family members, but you would also want to use positive reinforcement if you train this way. Let them know it's okay to bark for food, to bark at the door when you come home, or to bark when there are unfamiliar people approaching the house. Enforce this by giving them treats and food to encourage them to do it more often.

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