Dog Barking Information

Dog barking is as natural to a dog as breathing is to a human. Though, too much barking can start becoming problematic for some owners who live in tiny places or are surrounded by sensitive neighbors. Dog barking shouldn't be punished, but you should let your dog know that there are certain things he shouldn't be barking at. One of the main reasons why dog's bark is because there's an animal outside. Dogs can bark because there's is someone at the door, they're hungry, or they simply want attention. All of these reasons can be easily fixed and changed for the better. Although, training your dog to be quiet requires a lot of effort, it will lead to a more friendly and quieter home in the long run.

The first rule to training your dog out of a bad habit is to substitute it when a new one. Telling your dog to suddenly stop an activity he's been doing for years is a challenge in itself. You will struggle with this task for months before they finally give up. They older the dog, the harder it is to give up a bad habit. However, changing that habit to something new and fun, especially if it's rewarded, has never been easier. Dogs have a natural tendency to be good and when you give them this satisfaction, they will obviously want to do it more often.

You will want to see why your dog is barking in the first place, then find the places and at what times he begins to bark. Dog barking usually doesn't happen without a reason, unless they have become old and senile, you will pretty much spot the reason behind their insistent barking.

If you want your dog to stop barking when you have left the house, then try and give your pet more attention. They usually bark because they feel lonely. If you take your dog out for daily walks and try to tire him out, you will find that he will be less likely to bark when you leave the house. If he still continues barking when you're not at home, then try an anti dog barking collar.

If he is barking at an animal outside, then you will want to try and divert his attention to you. If he begins to bark, say no, smack him on the nose, and bring him away from the scene. You can do this by telling him to roll over or go into the down position or something that avoids eye contact with the creature. Then, when you have his attention, walk him around the house and feed him treats.

If your dog barks when he is hungry, then you will want substitute this pattern with something else. As opposed to barking, make him do a handshake every time he wants to be fed. Do this by telling him no again, smack him on the nose, and then ask him to shake your hand. When he has done so, say good boy and give him his meal time.

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