Dog Breed Weimaraner:
is this one the perfect pet for you?

If you intend to adopt a dog then the Dog Breed Weimaraner is one that you must most definitely include on your list.

This breed of dogs is one of the most faithful and protective of all kinds of dogs. Smart and intelligent they are easy to train and groom and hence make excellent pets for all.

The best fact about the Weimaraner Breed is that by nature they are very protective. Originally a hunting dog they have very strong instincts of protection and are also quite strong.

Hence they make excellent companions of the disabled. However at times these very traits of the Weimaraner Dog if not controlled properly can also become a problem for the owner. But this is nothing that cannot be resolved or worked out.

The best way to ensure perfect behavior from this dog is to start their Weimaraner Training from an early age. Weimaraner Puppies are easier to train than mature adult dogs. As these animals are very intelligent they can quickly grasp things.

One major point in the behavior of the Weimaraner Breed is that they do not react well to strangers and can at times become very over protective of their articles like their territory and at times even their master.

This flaw in their behavior must be corrected at the earliest possible time because if left uncorrected they will become aggressive in later stages. Interaction with friendly neighbors and their dogs or walks around the park will help your Weimaraner adjust to the presence of other beings around it.

Another very important aspect of the Weimaraner Breed is that they are quite restless in nature and demand a lot of attention.

If you are one who lives alone in a small apartment then this dog may not be the best for you, as it needs a large space to move around and Regular Exercise.

People who generally spend a lot of time out doors on camping trips etc find the Weimaraner Dog best suited to their lifestyle. If you enjoy hunting then the presence of your Weimaraner will definitely make your game all the more exciting.

Further more their intelligence is so good that because of your Weimaraner there are very few chances of you getting lost in the forest. Wild animals like foxes and wolves also will keep a distance if you have your Weimaraner with you.

Because of their amazing protective instincts and intelligence the Weimaraner make ideal companions of policeman and even completely fit the profile of guard dogs.

Originally in Germany the dog breed Weimaraner was used for this very purpose and the Germans were quite particular about this breed of dogs as history reveals that they were not comfortable with sharing this breed with the Americans and Europeans, however today one can easily find Weimaraners in almost all the cities around the world.

So if the above-mentioned aspects are what you have in mind regarding your pet then the Weimaraner should definitely be your choice of pet.

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