Dog Burn Signs

To Help You Treat Your Dog Effectively

Dog burn signs can be hard to determine.

Your dog's coat of hair may mask the damage, or the extent of the damage, to the tissues beneath.

There are two degrees of burn severity, each with a set of signs.

Superficial Burns

Superficial burns are usually painful. Think back to the last time you burned yourself by touching the iron or a pan on the stove.

You felt a sting of pain. Your dog will feel the same pain if she's burned.

Other signs of superficial burns include reddened skin and singed hair that does not pull out easily (because the follicles have not been damaged).

Deep Burns

Deep burns are often less painful than superficial ones. There are two reasons for this.

First, your dog will likely be in shock if the burns are that severe. The shock deadens the sense of pain, which is a useful coping mechanism.

Unfortunately, the shock can also cause problems by shutting down blood flow to the extremities and the brain.

Second, the nerve endings that cause the pain will have been damaged or destroyed.

Other signs include singed hair that pulls out easily (since the skin, and the hair follicles in it, has been damaged), and skin that looks normal or is slightly off-color (probably a grayish color).


Dog burn signs to look for include whether:

  • the hair in the affected area (most likely singed) pulls out easily or not

  • the skin is reddened or has a normal or slightly off-color tinge to it

  • the burn area is painful, or your dog is in shock and possibly semiconscious.

Being caught in a fire and suffering burns is a dreadful way to be injured. Be prepared for, and prevent, a fire in your house.

Review the information in Emergency Preparedness for help with this.

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