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Dog disease symptoms can greatly vary depending on the type of breed and the environment you're in. Be sure to look up genetic diseases/disorders that commonly affect your pure breed, and if you're dog is mixed, be sure to find accurate information on those mixed breeds as well.

Mixed breeds typically are a lot stronger and do not have that many genetic diseases compared to a pure breed dog, but just like people, dogs are still able to get sick. When you're out on your daily walk or a couple of dogs are playing with your dog, you want to always observe the way your dog walks and plays with others. Sometimes you can see them limping, vomiting, or simply looking ill and depressed.

While all of those signs are cause for worry, when you hear your dog coughing it can actually be a Disease Dog Heart Symptom and it is probably one of the most common dog disease symptoms that owners take for granted?

When a dog coughs, it could mean a variety of things. Some coughs can be quite harmless, while others can be vital clues to something internal. When a dog coughs it is essentially removing foreign substance from the airways, windpipe, throat, and voice box and trying to protect the lungs from getting these materials in them. If a dog is coughing too much, this hurts their breathing and respiratory system because they will not be able to breathe properly.

Kennel Cough Symptoms will result in your dog having some chronic coughing. It will sound very dry and hacking-like. When a dog has this disease, it is very important that he be separated from the rest of the pack or he should not go out and play with other dogs. Kennel cough it is extremely contagious. This infection causes the tracheal and bronchial area to become inflamed and irritated. As a way to fight this, mucus develops to try and flush out the bacteria. However, too much mucus present in the body could lead to another condition called pneumonia. It is important that the dog get treated for this immediately. The best Dog First Aid for this type of scenario is the Bordatella vaccine.

If you're not up to date with your deworming pills, then coughs could be a sign of parasites present in the body. Roundworms usually live in the intestines, but when they begin to move up the intestinal tract and into the respiratory system, coughing will begin from time to time. Another reason why you need to make sure your dog's medicine is up to date is because of heartworms. When heartworms breed, their young begin to move into their circulatory system. These worms will begin to live in the lungs until they are adults. This causes your dog extreme irritation and coughing and could actually kill him if this is left untreated. Every owner must know that, when having a dog, it is important to be aware of the potential dog disease symptoms your dog could have.

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