Dog Eats Easter Candy.
And Brownies.

by labgal
(Eastern Washington)

My 10 year old lab is the stereotypical "stomach with legs".

Note: If unsure, always call animal poison control.

We became great friends with animal poison control when he was 3 and inhaled a bag of Hershey's kisses. As I caught him almost immediately, and chocolate, while bad, isn't caustic, Poison Control advised me to give him hydrogen peroxide mixed in broth to get him to vomit.

They assured me that it was quick and easier on him than any other method. They said to be sure and take him to a place where it's easy to clean up the mess as you don't want him to eat it again...a possible problem if you just leave the vomit.

I set out an old shower curtain liner that I was going to get rid of anyway. I put bowl in the middle and brought my lab. I mixed 1T hydrogen peroxide with 1/2c broth (you don't have to mix it in broth, but this way he drinks it without me having to force it down his throat!) He guzzled this new treat. After about a minute, he got this "oh, I don't feel so good" look on his face and spent the next minute or two throwing up all the chocolate.

Finally, he looked at me with "I feel better now...what happened?" on his face. Whew. Bye Bye chocolate.

Later, at a construction site,he decided to eat the crew's entire pan of brownies. I rushed to the local convenience store to buy hydrogen peroxide and a packet of soup (discard the noodles-just more mess)and a garbage bag. Same process, same result.

Now I just keep hydrogen peroxide and broth in the car for emergencies. It is a lot easier and cheaper than running to the vet when dealing with something known.

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