Dog Eye Health Information

Many Dog Eye Health conditions can affect the eyes of your dog. Some of these conditions are treatable and others are progressively worsening diseases.

The condition of your pet’s eyes should be of great concern to you. A great number of canines have problems with their eyes and Dog Pink Eye also called (conjunctivitis). They often receive injuries to the eyes and underlying health issues can cause irritated eyes.

Medical attention is required in many cases to prevent damaging the dog’s sight. The most common signs of eye Dog Eye Problems are eyes that are itchy, swollen and red.

Other common problems with your Dogs Eye Health are briefly
discussed in the following:

  • Cataracts are a common problem for many dogs. Some breeds are more susceptible to the development of cataracts than others.

    Some Dog Eye Health problems such as diabetes contribute to this problem. The lenses of the eyes become clouded causing poor vision if not corrected. Blindness can occur if left surgically untreated.

  • Glaucoma is caused when the fluid in the eyes build up pressure because it does not drain properly. This is the number one cause of blindness among dogs. It can happen within a day or may occur more slowly. It can be painful and irritating to your dog.
  • Canine Cherry Eye is an irritating condition that will require surgery to correct. The surgery will correct the placement of the tear gland. It will be placed underneath the third eyelid of your canine.
  • Distichiasis is a condition where the eyelashes are located incorrectly on the eyelid of the dog. This causes a great deal of irritation and eventual a Dog Eye Infection. There are certain breeds that suffer with this condition more than others.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA is a condition of genetic nature. It causes damage to the retina. This limits day vision and causes a total loss of night vision. Unfortunately, there is not a cure for this condition.

    Your dog will become adjusted to the condition as it is most generally seen at birth. However, some dogs experience this in later life and most generally learn to cope with the condition.

  • Queratitis is the inflammation of the cornea of your dog’s eye. It is usually caused by a scratch or scrape. Bacteria and viruses can cause this as well. An ulcer of the eye can develop if left untreated.

    This type of condition needs immediate attention from a vet. Never attempt to treat this condition, treating it at home can only make it worse or damage the dog’s sight.

Many Dog Eye Health problems are contagious and have been contracted from other dogs. Your dog may be contagious and should be kept from other dogs when experiencing an issue with the eyes.

Your vet will be able to provide you with antibiotics that will usually cure most of the common Dog Eye Health conditions. Never allow your companion to suffer with an irritating eye condition.

The longer you wait to seek the help of your vet, the more likely you are to damage your Dog Eyes.

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