Dog First Aid
Could Save Your Dogs Life !

First aid for dogs, just like first aid for humans, is an effective combination of knowledge, supplies and skills, put into action for the benefit of your four-legged friend. Visit

Away from the brink

Kai was a Groenendael Belgian Shepherd; intelligent, beautiful, unaggressive, caring, with a sense of humour and love to give. He was epileptic, rescued

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Dog Obedience Training Prevents Accidents and Injuries

At home, and especially while you're both away, you need complete control of any situation your dog is in. Dog obedience training is essential for keeping her under control and safe.

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Tri Color Border Collie Information

There are many colors to the border collie; the black and white might be the most common color, but a Tri Color Border Collie is very popular.

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Training A Border Collie

Training a Border Collie is probably one of the easiest breeds to train.

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Border Collies Are Very Smart Dogs

Taking care of Border Collies is not something that you should dread.

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Border Collie Puppies Information

Border Collie Puppies are without a doubt some of the cutest, most adorable little things you've ever laid eyes on.

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Border Collie Information

For the first time owner, having some Border Collie Information is always important before adopting or buying a border collie.

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Border Collie History

Border collies are beautiful dogs that originally come from Great Britain, and the Border Collie History is one of diversity and excitement.

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Border Collie Facts

Knowing some Border Collie Facts is an important part of a owning this breed.

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Border Collie Care Information

Border Collie Care requires patience and a fair amount of dedication, but these dogs are one of the best friends you could ever have.

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Bloat Is Something To Worry About

Bloat is a serious condition that not many dog owners are aware of.

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Dobermans - Von Willebrand Disease - Super Glue

Anyone who owns a Dobie knows that Von Willebrand Disease could be a possibility. This is where the blood will not clot. Doesn't sound like a big

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Blanca my chiweenie

I found her at the supermarket. I opended my car door and she jumped on me. She is long like a hotdog and has floppy ears but has the face chihuaha.

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Dog First Aid Supplies To Build Your Own Kit

Use these dog first aid supplies to build your own first aid kit. You can build it from scratch or customize a purchased kit for hunting or field trial use.

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Chinese Crested Chihuahua Information

The Chinese Crested Chihuahua is much loved by many because of their strange unique look.

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Your Dogs Eyes Information

It's important to protect your dogs eyes; dogs are just as susceptible to eye diseases as humans are and even get some of the same issues.

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Your Pit Bull Dog

A dog crate is a useful and popular piece of training equipment that you can use for your Pit Bull.

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Your Pit Bull Puppy House Training

To begin the house training process with your Pit Bull puppy, you need to first determine a suitable place outside your house where he can relieve himself.

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Your Pit Bull Dogs are “Leader Of The Pack”

When it comes to your Pit Bull dogs, aggression towards people is the most dangerous of all of the behavioral problems that a dog can have is.

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Keeping Your Pit Bull Dog Safe

Most dogs, including your Pit Bull Dog get a thrill of being inside the car and going for a ride.

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Your New Pit Bull Dog

Before you bring home your new Pit Bull dog, you should already have the necessary preparations made in order for your new puppy to feel safe and comfortable.

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Trim Your Dogs Nails Regularly

Since they grow continually, you need to trim your dogs nails regularly to avoid snags and other problems. Learn why it's important to check his nails daily, and trim them often.

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Check Your Dogs Eyes Daily

Your dogs eyes can become irritated easily. This can lead to infections and other problems. Check his eyes daily to prevent these problems.

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Clean Your Dogs Ears to Avoid Infection

Ear infections are common in dogs. Clean your dogs ears regularly to avoid them becoming breeding grounds for bacterial and fungal infections.

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Your Dogs Coat and Skin Need Regular Grooming To Prevent Problems

Your dogs coat and skin can develop many problems if you do not provide regular grooming. Mats, hot spots and other issues can all be prevented with some daily grooming.

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