Dog First Aid For Fractures
Is Quick and Simple

You'll need to apply some dog first aid for fractures before you take her to see the veterinarian.

If it's a simple fracture of a limb (see fracture signs for more about the signs of fractures), immobilize the limb by wrapping a section of newspaper or a magazine around the limb and taping it together.

This makeshift splint is all you'll need to reduce the damage the break may cause if left unsupported.

If you don't have a magazine or newspaper, tongue depressors or Popsicle sticks will work on smaller dogs.

Thin pieces of lumber will do the job for a larger dog. In a pinch, use branches.

Find or tear strips of cloth to tie the ends of the splints to the limb.

For a compound fracture of a limb, place a wet cloth over the wound to keep debris out, then put a splint on the leg.

Ensure that you don't cover the protruding bone with the splint.

For broken ribs that have broken through the skin, cover with a wet cloth and watch for bleeding.

Also watch for damage to the lungs. If the rib has punctured a lung, you may hear labored breathing or see bloody froth coming from her mouth.

If you do, get her to the vet or clinic as quickly as you can.

A broken bone requires the help of a professional. The only necessary canine first aid for fractures is immobilization of the break before transporting your dog to the vet or clinic as quickly as possible.

Don't waste time getting it perfect. As long as the limb is immobilized, your treatment is done.

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