What are the Best Dog Food Recipes for your Pet?

Do you know what the best Dog Food Recipes are for your 4-legged friend?

Pets are supposed to be part of our family.

They also deserve to be given the same kind of dietary consideration, which we give to the rest of our family.

There are multiple choices of packaged pet food, which is being promoted by many brands in the market.

Even though the packaged foods are promoted as being wholesome, they are not as fresh and nutritious as home cooked dog food recipes.

It is believed that the best dog foods are developed by experts in the field of veterinary nutrition and contain all the right ingredients needed for a pet's healthy diet.

There is another school of thought, which confers upon the idea of you should make your own dog food.

According to these experts, pets too get bored with the daily intake of the same food everyday and definitely need a change.

One of the vets affirmed that his pet pup started losing appetite after a few days of ready mixed food, which resulted in bowel, malfunction and weight loss. But when he shifted the dog to human ingredient food, there was a positive change in the animal.

According to another study conducted, cats need more nutrition than dogs and therefore the ready made packaged foods are very useful for cats.

Dogs are omnivores like humans but cats are absolutely carnivores.

They absolutely must have meat and are susceptible to nutritional deficiencies if they don't get properly balanced meals.

There is a sea of difference between preparing the best quality dog food and that for a cat. The nutritional requirement of both types of animals is entirely different and so are the habits.

There is a growing trend among the pet owners to provide home cooked meals to their dogs and cats.

This has emerged as a result of the health problems, which come along with packaged pet foods.

Even though the companies producing these foods assure the users that they are made from the best material, yet many varieties of foods have had to be recalled in the recent past.

Many a veterinarians and animal lovers have written recipe books about the best dog food.

There are plenty of cookbooks available in the markets, which focus on a healthy, and nutritious food recipes for pets.

Some of the best dog food recipes cookbooks:

Which do you think your dog would prefer:

The best canned dog food or the best dry dog food, or a nice, nutritionally sound helping of Tuna Togetherness?

Not surprisingly, most dogs would be happier -- and healthier -- with the latter, considering the dangerous preservatives, questionable ingredients, and mysterious flavoring agents often used in commercial dog food.

That's why Rudy Edalati cooked up Barker's Grub, a dog food recipe cookbook filled with wholesome, easy-to-prepare meals for your mutt or your pedigreed pooch -- and you'll find all the necessary ingredients in your fridge or at the local supermarket. She includes not only fun everyday meals, but healing meals for specific dog health problems, as well as special diets for different life stages, such as:

  • Lo Mein Barking Style: the doggie alternative for Chinese takeout
  • Beef Puppy Food: just the right mix for a growing dog
  • Davie's Juicy Jiggly-Wiggly Anemia Diet: a blood-boosting dish of liver, rice, and spinach

This easy-to-read book will help pet-lovers enable their dogs and cats to enjoy an ideal quality of life through a species-appropriate raw dog food diet, natural foods. Readers learn how to easily prepare a healthy homemade meal so their pet can have a shiny coat, healthy skin and digestion, clean teeth, bright eyes, and no fleas or "doggy breath."

Also included are the Holistic Animal Yellow Pages, an invaluable information resource.

From the celebrated creators of the ever popular Three Dog Bakery, the world's first bakery for dogs, comes a fun-filled collection of easy-to-make gourmet meals and treats designed to keep dogs healthy, happy, and drooling from ear to ear. It's the dog food recipes cookbook that gives "baked-from-scratch" a whole new meaning!

Given all these factors, pet owners are going more for home cooked meals for their pets, which have resulted in the increase in sale of dog food recipes cook books for pet lovers.

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