Dog Health Concerns
You Should Know About

There are many Dog Health Concerns that you may have.

As a dog owner you will always be concerned about keeping your dog as healthy as possible. It is important to look out for the Signs and Symptoms of various diseases.

This will help you recognize the onset of any illness in its early stages. It is important to share any of your pet health concerns with your vet as well.

The moment you notice any symptoms it is time to get our dog to the vet so that appropriate tests can be conducted.

Lyme disease is a common dog health concern. Bacteria in the bloodstream, which has the capacity to affect many organs, cause this disease.

Among the major symptoms is severe pain in the legs that can cause a dog to go lame. It can also take its toll on the heart, kidneys, and nervous system.

Heartworm is a Type of Worm that is another serious illness that involves the heart.

Unfortunately, there may be no symptoms in the early stages. However, the most common symptoms are a continuous, dry cough that occurs due to the presence of the parasites in the lungs.

You may find your Dog unable to cope with daily physical activities and the tendency to remain lethargic most of the time.

Among other common canine health concerns is kennel cough. This is a contagious respiratory problem that any dog is vulnerable to from other infected Dogs.

Vaccines are available and need to be given annually. This is essential if your dog is boarded. A continuous cough needs to be investigated by your local veterinarian, for which treatment usually begins with antibiotics.

Auto immune diseases are major pet health concerns which include arthritis in their senior years. It is important to recognize the symptoms of arthritis, which may begin with difficulty in getting up from a laying down position.

The joints become stiff and you will notice your Older Dog being unable to move quickly.

Another dog health concern Hot Spots that are formed due to an allergic reaction from flea bites or allergies to certain types of Dog Food.

It may also result from a reaction to specific medications. Constant itching, hair loss in a particular area, redness of the skin, and bleeding are symptoms of hot spots.

Make sure you get your dog treated since this condition can make your dog very uncomfortable with the risk of a severe infection that can spread all over the body.

As scary as these canine health concerns may sound, with timely intervention there is no major cause for alarm. Just make sure you consult your vet the moment you notice anything unusual in your dog’s behavior.

There is plenty of Dog Health Care information on specific breeds available on the internet.

There are specific breeds that have genetic disorders which you must know about. Many of the larger breeds can suffer from heart conditions and hip dysplasia. It would be worth finding out about dog health concerns before you bring a pet home.

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