Dog Health; Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies are being used more and more to maintain the health of dogs and other animals.

There are many health challenges for dogs and their owners are doing whatever necessary to keep their pets in top form.

When used with a nutritional diet, many of the available natural remedies can lessen the use of vet prescribed medications and improve the overall health of your dog.

The natural remedies have no side effects that are often found with the use of other medicines and treatments.

Here are some of the most common natural remedies:

  • For digestive problems and the promotion of digestive health, probiotics can boost illness and worm resistance in the dog. It is given daily with regular nourishment.
  • Without enzymes for digestion, dogs do not properly digest many of the foods that they are given. With the adding of digestive enzymes to their food on a daily basis, their digestive process is enhanced greatly.
  • Sore and discolored gums and teeth are often treated with Sangre de Drago. It loosens the tartar on their teeth as well. Within a week or more of treating, you will be able to see a great difference in the appearance of your dog’s mouth.
  • Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs can be added for healthy skin and coats. Skin problems are often prevented with the use of this natural remedy. You may want to try flax seed oil or salmon oil for the same effects.
  • Many dogs suffer with anxiety or stress issues. Some owners are using Flower Essences to help their dogs with this problem. It is placed in the mouth of the dog or mixed with water.

There are many other issues that are often addressed with the use of natural remedies and should be used at the discretion of the owner such as:

  • Constipation is often treated using an overnight remedy. There are formulas available for daily administration to keep your dog regular or formulas for occasional use.
  • Many dogs develop problems with their Muscle & Joints. They often tend to have problems walking and getting up and down. There are supplements that are totally natural that can be given long before the problems begin. You may also want to administer these to your dog after the pain from their muscles and joints has begun. The remedies often work to help alleviate their apparent discomfort.
  • Gas or flatulence is a problem for many dogs. Some breeds suffer with this problem more than others. You can find many gentle and natural remedies for this offensive problem. The herbal remedy helps your dog to absorb nutrients more proficiently and improve the overall digestive health of the pet.
  • Use natural medicines for your dog whenever possible - they are cheaper than pharmaceuticals, and easier to obtain - look in your grocery store!

Regardless of your pet’s problems, you should be able to find a natural remedy to address the issue.