Dog Health Tips For Summer

Here are some Dog Health Tips to help you during the long hot summer months.

This can be a very dangerous time for any canine resulting in debilitating injury or even death.

You need to make sure that your pet stays comfortable and healthy during the high temperatures of summer. The most common of all problems from the heat of summer are Heat Strokes

Many of the signs of heat strokes are:

  • A wild and panicking look of the dog.
  • Very fast breathing and an increase in heart rate.
  • Discoloration of the gums.
  • Unwillingness to obey.
  • Unaware of the surroundings or disoriented.

Keeping your Dog Healthly can be a rather simple task if you practice some of the following Dog Health Tips and suggestions. In the event that you feel your canine has suffered from a heat stroke, you should seek immediate attention from your local vet.

The dog should be placed in a shaded area to help lower his body temperature. The pads of the pet’s paws and the hairless part of his stomach should have cool water applied to them.

Try the following suggestions as well:

  • Never leave the dog in a car as the temperatures inside a car skyrocket quickly.
  • If you take your dog for runs, take the dog in the early hours of the morning and in the late evening. Always begin the workouts at a slow pace. Stop for breaks and water frequently. Dark furred canines and those with flat faces tend to be more at risk to overheat. Give special attention to these dogs.
  • Make sure to water your dog in order to hydrate the animal and maintain a normal body temperature.
  • To help your dog stay cool; place them in an enclosed area with good shade and proper shelter. Never chain your dog to a fence or tree. This can be dangerous as they may become entangled and become stranded in the searing sunlight.

Other Dog Health Tips Are:

The summer often gives way to additional dangers that may harm your dog’s health. As with heat strokes and other heat related illnesses, these can be prevented as well with a little effort and persistence. Some additional Dog health Tips for your Dogs Health and well-being are:

  • Foods often mold easily in the hot summer months. A dog that roams the neighborhood may come in contact with these foods. Molded foods contain toxins that can cause your canine to become really ill and even die.
  • Try to prevent the medical problems associated with fleas and ticks. Use topical treatments to keep away the ticks and fleas. They can cause many issues with skin health such as irritation. Other diseases can be caused by ticks such as Lyme disease.
  • Keep an eye on the foods your dog ingests. Never allow them to have corncobs, as they are unable to digest. These may have to be surgically removed. Keep them from eating grapes and raisins. The dog’s kidneys can fail from ingesting large amounts of these.
  • Ponds often contain bacteria and algae. Do not let your dog drink from this type of water source.

If you will follow the basic suggestions that have been described, your dog will have a safe and secure summer. You will help maintain your dog’s health and happiness during the long hot summer if you follow these Dog Health Tips.

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