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When your dog is experiencing dog heart disease symptoms, it can sometimes mean that he is starting to have heart failure. Studies have shown that about 11% of all dogs have some sort of Dog Health Heart Disease. The older the dog, the more likely they are to get several kind of dog heart disease symptoms. Young puppies have a 15% chance of getting a heart disease.

Disease Dog Heart Symptom – Understand the risks of heartworm, one of the most common and deadly heart diseases for dogs. This disease is typically through heartworms and not through heart failure. Dogs who are beyond 9 years old have about a 50-60% chance of getting some sort of heart related disease.

The heart is a muscle that is constantly pumping blood in and out. It makes sense that this muscle becomes weaker with age. With dogs that have some sort of heart condition not all is lost and doomed. Dogs will often be able to make it through with the right medication and treatment. Just because your dog has been diagnosed with certain types of heart disease, there are still a lot of available options to choose from and he might be able to live 2-3 years longer if he's already in his senior years.

Congestive heart failure is probably the most common among older dogs. It basically means that your dog has an enlarged heart. This disease occurs when the heart cannot circulate the normal blood flow throughout the rest of the body. All dogs will have an enlarged heart and this can be very evident in an x-ray or cardiac ultrasound scan. The usual heart-shaped heart will become a lot more round in nature.

A couple of dog heart disease symptoms are:

A lot less active than usual. He doesn't want to play that much and will not want to go out for walks. Owners might believe that this is due to old age, but even older healthy dogs like to go on long walks.

Often times not hungry and will not eat their meal for the day.

Difficulty in breathing. Your dog will sometimes pant harder than usual and will cough every now and then. Coughing typically indicates breathing problems and that not enough oxygen is getting into their systems.

Membranes in the mouth are grayish and not the nice looking pink.

Treatment can sometimes vary. Drugs are constantly in development to try and treat it more efficiently. Typically drugs like Digoxin, Cardoxin, Lanoxin, are prescribed to help your dog's condition. These drugs basically help promote more calcium throughout the heart muscles, so that it can increase more contractions and slow the heart rate down.

The best Dog First Aid for this is to have Regular Exercise For Your Dog so that his heart stays strong. This is the best way to prevent a disease from occurring. However, through poor genetics and bad breeding, dogs can still develop a heart condition even if they've been running every day. Your job is to just reduce this factor and try and extend you're dog's life.

Feeding your dog proper nutrition when they're a puppy, adult, and senior will also increase their chances of having a healthy heart and have an overall healthy body.

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