Dog Natural Medicine

A lot of people are misinformed about giving their dog natural medicine and sometimes are extremely wary of others who do.

Often, purebreds are victim to an array of diseases due to bad genetics. A purebred can have heavy complications with traditional medicine, and in extreme cases start to develop side effects that they never fully recover from.

Dog owners all around the world have used natural methods to help overcome disease and avoid traditional medicine their dog is allergic to. More and more people are giving their dog natural medicine to try and improve overall dog health as much as they can.

There are holistic vets that help research and back up much of this dog natural medicine and who are strong believers in reducing disease the natural way. Keeping some natural medicine near your dog first aid kit can save you costs on expensive medicine that do the exact same thing.

Sometimes knowing a bit of dog medicine that is natural can help fight diseases or infections your dog may have without risking any complicated allergies.

Start building up your dog first aid plan with natural supplements in the mix. If your dog has any existing conditions that you are already giving medicine for, then feeding your pup extra medicine could become a problem if another infection comes up; the last thing you want to do is overdose your dog with medication.

Which is why some people look for natural medicine cures to their dog’s health problem.

People also look towards natural cures because at the current time they can't afford to pay for an expensive vet visit.

Other reasons could be that they have already been through so many veterinarians that could not help their dog and that it is now time to try anything that might help their poor pooch.

The medical industry has done a lot for dog owners and their dogs in helping to prevent and reduce diseases, even up to and including adapting some human medicine and treatments for sick animals.

Cancer treatments, pain relievers, and antibiotics have all worked for both human and animals of all sizes. Despite everything being in a pill form for animals, there are other alternatives and remedies that can do the exact same thing to your dog.

Natural medicine for dogs can sometimes be a better alternative to traditional medicine.

Often times pet owners have found that their dog does not respond so well to traditional medical treatments and they want to find an alternative to help their loyal friend.

With natural medicine, you can really add more medicine to your dog first aid kit for cheaper costs or add other expensive medicine you could not otherwise afford from the money you saved with the natural medicine for dogs remedies.

When it comes down to vaccinations, veterinarians often highly recommended that your dog needs to get them yearly. It is also required in most states for your dog to get a rabies shot.

Interestingly, recent research shows that vaccine shots last longer than previously assumed and an overdose of vaccinations can manifest serious health problems towards your dog such as autoimmune diseases and cancers.

Many vets and even some veterinary colleges are now saying that your pet should be vaccinated every three years. Helping your dog build up a resistance to disease and other infections, even for those who choose not to vaccinate their dogs, is more important than ever.

There is tons of information about whether it is safe to feed your dog garlic. Many people seem to be misinformed and even unaware that garlic is one of the best natural medicines for dogs.

With natural medicine for dogs being simple and convenient to obtain at your grocery store, these medicines can prove to be a lot cheaper than traditional medications.

If your dog is constantly falling sick on top of that, then it might be time to start looking for an alternative that could hopefully prevent disease and boost your dog's immune system.

Many pet owners have found that due to vaccines their pets' immune systems have become weaker and they are constantly getting sick. Some pets have had some very severe allergies through these vaccinations.

Other natural medicines for dogs include apple cider vinegar.

Like its garlic counterpart, it also helps boost dog's immune systems and keeps pests under control. It is less controversial than garlic so it might be a safer method for a dog with anemia or for someone who simply does not feel comfortable feeding their dog garlic.

Apple cider vinegar also helps balance acid and alkaline levels in your dog, which is very beneficial for dogs who have dog hip dysplasia; apple cider vinegar also helps remineralize the dog's bones which keeps them healthy and slows down the progression of the disease.

Amazingly enough, apple cider vinegar helps with the digestive enzymes in the stomach and helps with Food Poison and constipation.

Apple cider vinegar has been noted to boost the immune system in dogs. When picking out which apple cider vinegar to use on your dog, the best ones are typically organic, unpasteurized, unfiltered, and/or raw. If there are floating chucks in the bottle it is probably the best one.

You want to completely avoid clear vinegars, as they do not have the same benefits as those that have a pure orange color.

Apple cider vinegar has helped reduce swelling in some animals and completely killed off internal parasites like ringworm. If your dog itches constantly then using apple cider vinegar after a dog bath can greatly decrease the itching.

If there are open wounds then you want to make sure you heavily dilute the mixture with water before spraying it on your dog.

Fleas greatly dislike the smell of apple cider vinegar and tend not to hang around animals covered in it.

Usually for a good mixture a ratio of 1:1 is ideal. Apple cider vinegar also helps balance the acid/alkaline in the digestive tract.

Garlic has been a controversial topic over whether or not it is good to feed your dog. With some people it has been known to be a great antioxidant that boosts immune systems and can help prevent cancer.

There is tons of information about whether it is safe to feed your dog garlic. Many people seem to be misinformed and even unaware that garlic is one of the best natural medicines for dogs.

Garlic can really help boost your dog's immune system and to keep flea and tick infestations under control. Many argue that it is not safe because garlic is related to onions and both vegetables contain a substance called n-proyldisulfide, which in large quantities can damage red blood cells. If your dog eats less than 0.5% of their body weight in garlic, they are still considered safe.

Giving your dogs raw garlic is typically the best form. Many prefer giving their dog garlic powder, but it is not as strong and having it cooked or boiled loses a lot of the antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-bactericidal properties.

Feeding dogs garlic capsules, unless you have made them yourself, can also be bad because many companies mix the garlic in with flour to help the stomach digest it faster. In reality, you could be feeding your dog less garlic than previously thought. Raw garlic is probably the best way to measure how much you are actually giving them.

Dog owners are concerned with feeding their dogs garlic though because it could cause damage to the red blood cells. This is true if you overfeed your dog with garlic. If your dog were to eat more than 0.5% of his body weight in garlic, then this could cause some serious damage.

Typically for dogs 15 pounds or less, they should be fed half a clove and dogs that weigh over 100 pounds should get 3 cloves. Typically you want to feed your dog garlic every other day and even have some resting days so that their body does not get overwhelmed.

There have been huge amounts of health benefits associated with feeding garlic to your dog. Making garlic a great dog medicine natural source. You can quickly see how garlic can help your dog's fur become more shiny and smooth within a couple of days.

With benefits of feeding garlic to your dog being quite similar to those benefits for people, it also boosts the immune system and destroys cancer cells in your dog's body.

Garlic is a great antibiotic and can also be used to cure fungal infections.

Types of parasites can not stand it when garlic is present in the body, like tapeworms and fleas.

Garlic can also be used as an anti-inflammatory for dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, and any form of stiffness after an exercise. Garlic also makes a great antiseptic for any ear infections or dog injuries.

As a side warning, puppies should not be given garlic until they are fully developed. Any dog with an anemic condition or who is scheduled for surgery should not be given garlic. Being a responsible pet owner, it is up to you to decide whether or not you feel comfortable in giving garlic to your dog.

If you have researched the topic extensively and are still not sure, always consult a vet and use your best judgment.