Benefits of
Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training is a must whether you have a brand new puppy, an old dog with some behavior issues, or even if you’re contemplating getting a dog.

Obedience training sets the stage for a long term healthy and happy relationship with your dog regardless their age.

There are many types of training however by and large the most popular and most effective type of training embraces positive reinforcement training techniques.

This means you’re not only helping your dog to learn new behaviors, you’re providing structure, a social structure for your home, and you’re creating a bond with your dog.

Obedience training doesn’t solve all the potential problems dog owners may encounter however it creates a very solid foundation so that if and when problem behaviors crop up, they’re much more easily addressed and resolved.

Training helps you teach your dog to adapt and adjust to their surroundings. They are more easily socialized and thus better behaved and essentially happier dogs.

Obedience training creates rules for behavior.

For example, if you have a large dog who’s prone to jumping on guests, a basic sit and stay – will help you prevent this behavior. Another example might be preventing begging by teaching basic obedience behaviors like lay down and stay and giving your dog an appropriate meal time lie down location away from the family table.

How do you find dog obedience training?

When training your dog there are two basic options, hire a professional or do it yourself. Each has their pros and cons.

Hiring a professional is a great way to learn how to train a dog however you’re still going to be doing much of the work.

A professional can guide you through the tricky spots and help you know what to expect from obedience training however at the end of the day, and certainly after the classes are over, you’re on your own.

Hiring a professional whether they come to your home or you go to them, gives you the tools and resources to get your dog trained however you’re also going to have to work with their schedule and set aside a few hours of time for training.

Many dogs prefer to take training sessions in smaller bites, five minutes here, ten minutes there. Several hour chunks can be overwhelming and detrimental.

Finally, there are many wonderful professional canine obedience trainers however you’re going to have to spend some time evaluating their credentials, training philosophy, and checking their references. When you take on obedience training yourself the ball is in your hands – literally! You choose the time and the place and duration for the training sessions.

However, you are also responsible for the training techniques used. That is actually a fairly simple hurdle to overcome even if you know zip zilch nada about obedience training.

The key is to Choose a Tainer who offers books and possibly videos on obedience training. You’ll still want to evaluate the trainer and the materials before you begin however it’s a fairly simple process and many trainers offer free reports and videos so evaluating services is easy.

Dog Training for positive reinforcement dog training techniques and a pattern of training success.

There are many dog training products and information available online and at your local bookstore and library so finding them is easy and it’s certainly much more cost effective than hiring a professional.

Dog obedience training is the first step to creating a happy and well adjusted family member. It’s the foundation for a lifelong relationship with your dog.

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