Dog Photos From Tamera

Dog photos from Tamera

People tell me that this website needs some pictures of good looking dogs.

I don't want to just use any old picture that I could find on the Internet. I thought it would be nice if I put photos of your loved ones on this web site.

If you have a dog photo that is (.gif, .jpg and .png, no larger than 30 Kbytes) please send it to me at and your Dog will be famous.

Tamera sent me some pictures of her daughter Larissa and her new puppies.

Tamera says the dogs are 4 month old Chihuahuas. The white one is Paris and the fawn one is Ivonna.

They are lots of fun for everyone. The residents at the nursing home where Tamera's mom is love it when Tamera and Larissa bring the pups to visit.

Larissa is going into 6th grade this year. They go up so fast just like puppies.

Thanks for the pictures Tamera, send more when you get time.
Tamera Melnyk

Tamera Melnyk

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dog photos from tamera - pictures of dogs

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