Dog Poison Information

Dog poison is something that you as a pet owner need to be on the look out as there are all kinds of canine poisons.

Dogs are often able to reach and ingest household poisons and even when they are inside they can eat toxic houseplants.

Did you know that chocolate is a canine poison?

Canine poisons can be deadly if nothing is done in time and many owners tend not to have an emergency guide when their dog has ingested toxic foods.

When it comes down to dog poison however, you really need to act quickly and without hesitation. If your dog starts to exhibit any strange behavior or start showing even just a few signs that they have been poisoned then you really can not waste time looking for a veterinarians phone number or scrambling to find their dog first aid kit.

Here is a short list of what any dog owner needs to have on hand before an incident happens. It is always good to be prepared.

  • First thing to do when your dog has been poisoned is to look for the source that poisoned him. This greatly helps veterinarians and toxicologists when they are able to examine the plant or household chemical. They have an easier time assessing how bad the poisoning could get and can take further steps in flushing out the poison. If you even suspect that your dog has eaten something that could harm him, do not wait for him to show symptoms. Depending on the plant or product, dogs may not show symptoms for up to 12-24 hours and by then the poison could have already done some permanent damage to the dog's internal organs.

  • Second is to have a packaged dog first aid kit and see if you can quickly treat or slow down any of the symptoms with what you have or with other dog first aid supplies that you may have bought outside of the kit. Buying activated charcoal greatly reduces the speed of the poison and inducing your pet to vomit is always a good idea, as long as what they have ingested is not caustic.
  • Third is to have your local vet's emergency number at hand. If your vet is not open 24/7 then look for an alternative 24 hour, 7 days a week vet whom you can call in an emergency. A quick tip is to type 'veterinarian' or 'vet' into Google; Google has implemented a neat feature where you can instantly look for veterinarians in your local area by putting your state, city, and zip code in their input box.

Vet hospitals are likely to be open 24/7 and having their number as a final option is always a good idea. They are typically more expensive than an individual vet, but if your dog's life hangs in the balance of life and death, it is something worth considering.

Call Animal Poison Control Center. Their number is (888) 426-4435. Keep in mind there is a $65 dollar fee when calling for advice. Be sure to have your dog's information on hand like his breed, weight, age, and sex.

Tell them how long ago where they were exposed to the dog poison, what kind of dog poison it was, how much of the dog poison did the dog touch and or eat.

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