Use A Dog Safety Vest When
Hunting, Or Walking At Night

If you take your dog hunting, you need a dog safety vest to make him highly visible to you and to other hunters. This vest could prevent a tragic shooting.

Out in the woods, miles from the nearest town, if your dog is shot, it will likely be fatal. Even a wound that is not immediately life-threatening could cause death if he goes into shock.

Prevent it all from happening by making him as visible as possible with a reflective vest.

black puppy wearing a safety vest in bright orange

If you like to take late night walks with your dog, he could become another traffic fatality if you don't make him visible to traffic, including cyclists.

A bicycle-dog collision in a park or field, or on a road or trail, could easily cause serious trauma, to both the cyclist and the dog.

A reflective vest will help prevent this tragedy by giving a rider enough time time to brake or take evasive action.

Although car-dog collisions are likely to be restricted to roadways, they are much more likely to lead to death or maiming. Stopping a car takes much more time and distance than does stopping a bicycle.

Give your dog a chance by keeping him decked out in a dog safety vest.

How To Choose A Good Vest

A dog safety vest should be as bright as possible. A bright or fluorescent orange color is the best for high visibility.

Look for a vest with a lot of reflective stripes, webbing or trim.

The more reflective material on the vest, the safer your dog will be at night.

This reflective material should provide 360° visibility.

Look for a vest that covers all of his back and rib cage area. The more his chest is covered, the better.

If the vest does not travel down to the tail, ensure that it at least covers all the rib cage and upper back.

There is at least one vest designed to protect the chest between the legs, as well as the underarms, from abrasions due to bushes and thorns. Unfortunately, it does not cover much of the lower back or abdomen.

While this type of vest might be useful for a walk in the park, I don't think it gives sufficient visibility to make your dog highly visible at the hunting camp.

Most vests are available in a range of sizes.

Use one that fits your dog snugly. Loose material could become snagged in underbrush, or a branch could slide between his skin and the vest, and possibly scratch or wound him.

See the graphic below for help measuring your dog.

Dog Safety Vest Measurement Instructions

If you're using the vest to protect him while hunting, keep it with your hunting gear so that you always have it with you when you get to the camp.

And consider purchasing an extra dog safety vest to keep in your car or truck for those unplanned stops after the sun goes down.

Anything that improves your dog's visibility improves his chance of avoiding injury by shooting or collision.

Give him the chance he deserves with a dog safety vest.

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