Everywhere You Go, Dog Safety
Is Important

Dog Safety is not just an at home concern.

If you travel a lot with your dog in the car or truck, he's at great risk of injury if you don't restrain him. Even at home, they need to be protected from their biggest trait (curiousity) in some kind of containment system.

If you take him along sailing or water-skiing, he could fall off and drown without a flotation device.

If he's a hunting dog, someone could mistake him for wildlife and shoot him if he's not wearing a reflective safety vest.

If you go for walks when it's dark, a reflective vest will help him be seen by cars and trucks before it's too late.

Don't put him at a greater risk than you put yourself, or your children.

Dog safety is a 24 hour a day, everywhere you go concern.

If you don't travel unless your seat belt is fastened, make sure his car restraint is fastened as well.

Put his dog life jacket on him before he gets in the boat. And never go out to hunt unless you're both wearing your hunting vests.

Dog Car Restraint Systems

There are several different types of restraint systems to use in your car or truck.

Dog Life Jacket

These devices keep your dog's head above water, whether it's an ocean, a lake, or your backyard swimming pool.

Reflective Safety Vests These safety vests are designed for maximum visual contrast from both sides of your dog. They use bright colors and reflective stripes to make it easy for anyone to spot him.

If you travel with your dog, take him boating or swimming, or have him at the hunt, these safety devices will help keep him safe. Improve his chances by always using them.

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