Dog Symptoms Will Tell You What First Aid You Need to Give

If you recognize your dog symptoms, you can provide effective first aid for an injury, illness or disease.

Recognizing the symptoms isn't enough, however. You need a baseline for your dog. Symptoms can only be useful if you know how he is under "normal," everyday conditions.

For example, if he suddenly starts scratching a lot, it could be a sign of an allergy or fleas. However, if he already scratches (perhaps due to an ongoing skin rash), you may think that the scratching is related to this condition. As a result, you might not inspect and treat him for fleas.

Examine your dog daily for developing conditions.

Regular grooming will help as well.

You'll become aware of skin and coat conditions before they become serious, and you'll have the opportunity to inspect him for symptoms of eye, ear and mouth conditions, for sudden weight loss or gain, and for scratches, abrasions and wounds that could become infected.

As a bonus, the time you spend together during your daily check and grooming will improve his disposition, as he receives the attention he craves from you.

Know Your Dog

Your dog may show symptoms of illness or injury sooner if you pay attention to his posture, gait, appetite and behavior.

But before learning about various symptoms, learn about canine vital signs and how to check them.

These signs are the baselines that will allow you to compare your dog's rates with normal rates.

The information on these pages will help you learn about the symptoms of various physical problems that could affect your dog.

They are grouped by severity: Life-Threatening Injuries and Illnesses, Non-Life-Threatening Injuries and Illnesses, and Diseases and Conditions.

Some diseases and conditions have both chronic and acute symptoms. If the acute symptoms are life threatening, this is the time to make an appointment to see your vet.

Many of the chronic diseases and conditions (such as allergies and skin conditions) can be managed easily — and even avoided — with some routine care.

The Basics

The Basics will give you the core information that will help you determine how injured or ill your dog is.

Vital Signs - These three baseline measurements will quickly tell you if something is not right with your dog.

Identify Pain - Pain is an excellent indicator that something is wrong. Since your dog can't speak, you'll need to know how to identify it.

Signs of Vomiting - Many people confuse vomiting with retching and other things that dogs do. Learn the difference so you can accurately describe your dog symptoms to the vet.

Causes of Vomiting - There are many causes of vomiting, from eating grass to serious illnesses.

Life-Threatening Injuries and Illnesses

Life-threatening injuries and illnesses are time-sensitive. The sooner you know the symptoms, the sooner you can begin dog symptoms first aid to stabilize her for transport to the clinic.

Disease Dog Heart Symptom – Understand the risks of heart worm, one of the most common and deadly heart diseases for dogs. Although this parasite doesn't present a risk for humans, it could be lethal to your dog. This article discusses everything you need to know about heart worm as a heart disease and dog symptoms.

Dog Disease Symptom for Rabies – Rabies is a fatal disease that animals contract through fluid exchange, such as through blood or saliva. It's deadly and so far untreatable and can affect any mammal, including humans. Different dogs will react in different ways, making it hard to pinpoint rabies in all cases as dog symptoms can vary.

Dog Heart Disease Symptom – Heart disease is a very serious condition, one that it often fatal if left untreated. Symptoms such as heart murmurs can be difficult to detect, so read this article to learn what the warning signs of heart disease are in your dog. Sometimes heart disease is even a dog symptoms of a more serious complication.

Dog Kidney Disease Symptom – Kidney disease is more common than you may think, but if caught early there is still a lot you can do to treat it. It is often characterized by changes in urination, and if left unchecked it can result in a toxic buildup of waste in your dog's bloodstream. This article discusses how to identify kidney disease,dog symptoms and when it will start to become a serious issue.

Pancreatic Disease Dog Symptoms – Pancreatic disease is a potentially life threatening condition that affects your dog's pancreas. It's important to know what the symptoms are so that you can take immediate action for treatment. Pancreatic disease in dogs often comes from unknown causes, so there's no way to truly prevent it from affecting your dog. Take a look at this article for common symptoms as well as information on what steps you can take to cure it.

Kidney Disease Symptom in Dog – Excessive or discolored urination are often the first signs of degenerative kidney disease in dogs. Learn how to protect against this so that your four legged friend doesn't fall victim to this potentially fatal disease. This article covers everything you need to know about kidney disease.

Non-Life-Threatening Injuries and Illnesses

Non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses can still be quite serious, but give you a bit more time to deal with them. Know the symptoms so that you can provide effective treatment. Burn Signs - Burns can be minor or serious. Learn how to quickly determine the nature of the burns.

Fracture Signs - Most fractures are not life-threatening, but all broken bones need treatment from a professional.

Diseases and Conditions

Dog Disease Symptoms and conditions. – Learn what common symptoms can indicate a disease that needs attention in your dog. Coughing is a very common symptom that can be one of the first signs of heart disease, and there are many others that you can use to detect certain diseases, including liver, kidney, and kennel cough symptoms

When you recognize your dog symptoms, you can provide the most effective dog first aid treatment.

A few hours invested now can save your dog a lot of pain and suffering, and perhaps even his life.

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