Dogs Can Have Strokes

by James Horn
(Salina, Kansas)



By James Horn

This will be an ongoing post about my very special friend. My friend just had a stroke on March 27.

According to his doctor he is doing well as can be expected at this time.

We, my wife (Elaine) my other special friend, will see our friend for the first time tomorrow March 29th.

You see my very special friend is my dog Shorty.

Shorty is a mixed breed, Cockerspanial and
Shihtzu. He is 9 years old. Still very playful (I hope).

Shorty is a friend that everyone needs to help them make it through the day. He helps me mow the lawn, take out the trash, and evens help get the mail.

All this without a leash. When I say come on Shorty he comes right away. I will admit that he does leave the yard without permission when he is after a rabbit.

His stroke came on so sudden, we were in the back
patio (in the rain) checking out the first flowers to bloom after a hard winter. We came in the house and I grabbed a towel and dried him off.

I stood up and he fell over rendering him helpless.

My first thought was that he was dying. But I held on to him so he could not hurt himself.

I carried him to the car and rushed him to our family Vet. I rode in the back seat holding him all the time. My wife drove and called the
Vet. I have to plug our vet here.

Doctor Ken Ewy in Salina, Kansas. It is my opinion that he is the number one Vet in the Country.

When he came into the examine room he first said
that it probably was a seizure that his breed is noted for that. The first thing he did was listen to his heart and said he would keep him over night.

He had already ruled out a seizure.

Here is one of the many reasons I think he is the best.

Shorty had this problem on Saturday morning. On
Sunday morning Dr. Eway was at his Animal Hospital checking on his patients. Not only did he check on Shorty he took the time to call us and explain how Shorty was doing.

At the time of this writing, I have not seen my
friend Shorty, I will see him around 8:00 A.M. Monday morning.

I can let you know he is walking in the exercise
yard with a stagger. He has lost some of his sight.

That is all we have at this time. For all of you animal lovers, and I know there are many, I will keep posting to this article as we get updates.
Hopefully daily.

The reason for this post is that we searched the
internet for information on dogs having strokes and found nothing.

So we are going to post everything we find out about with Shorty. Hoping it may help
someone elses best friend (Their Pet).

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My dog has a stroke
by: Anonymous

My dog just had a stroke yesterday, and now he cant walk. He is basically paralized from his waist down. I dont know what to do. The vet told me there is always a chance for him to walk, but its very slim. If anybody has any advice for me to help him recover and walk again. I do not wana put him down. I have hope that he will walk again. He his a crazzy fun cockerspanial. He his 5years old.

Dogs & strokes
by: John

My dog had a stroke which made him a quadraplegic for almost a year,he is now getting around well close to 2 years after. I have a lot to tell as to what we went thru & how we overcame this. I cant type so its hard for me to get the story all out,if you wish to contact me I can explain everything & maybe help you get thru it too. It was the hardest year of our lives (my min-pin & me) but we got thru it & I pulled him out of it & back to health. email ,

Great Story
by: Rhea Ashworth

Great story - We had a horse that had a stroke, he survived but was never the same...he had a little age on him, shortly after that we lost him. I would love to put your story in my blog...You are right, there isn't much information on this. Please let me know what you think.

Take Care

please put something in the subject regarding shorty stroke so I don't accidentally delete it.

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