How To Get Rid Of Your
Dog's Ear Mites

Ear mites are an extremely annoying parasite that your dog may or may not have to experience.

These tiny little creatures will send your dog into a frenzy of itching and scratching virtually non-stop.

They are eight legged little bugs that reside by the thousands, inside the ear canals.

If left untreated, your dog may scratch itself to the point of bleeding from being raw.

Ear mites find their host animals to live off of by jumping from animal to animal.

This means that if your dog is part of a community of other dogs on a regular basis, then ear mites might be tough to prevent.

However, if your dog does have a serious problem with mites then you have a fighting chance of winning so long as you are persistent and patient.

The following are chunks of advice that are recommended by vets.

1. The first step that you must take before applying any medication to kill of the mites is to clear the debris of crust inside of the ear.

If you skip this step and just go for the medication, then the crust will provide shelter for a few survivors that can easily start laying more eggs and rebuild the entire force.

In order to clear the debris, you need to take a small dropper with several drops of mineral oil inside and deposit them into the ear canal.

Sit tight for a few hours so that the crust will soften.

Next, fill a rubber ear-cleaning syringe with an even mixture of white vinegar and distilled water.

Take this solution and gently flush out the debris from your dog's ear canal.

Be sure not to use too much pressure. As you remove the crud, repeat the process until all is clear.

2. Time for the medication. After you have cleaned out the dog's ears then you are going to have to use an over the counter solution to finish the job.

Most vets recommend anything that contains pyrethrins which is an insecticide made from chrysanthemums.

Once you have chosen your medication, which can be found over the counter in most pet stores, simply drop a few drops into the dog's ear (be sure to follow the instructions as per your particular medication).

Then, massage the base of the ear for 5 minutes or so to allow for the medication to saturate the area.

That is it.

It really is that simple!