Elevated Dog Food Bowls

Using elevated dog food bowls is a trend that has been growing in popularity in recent years, but is it really as necessary as people would have you believe?

Elevated food and water bowls are raised up off the ground and are supposed to make the food easier to reach for large dogs, thus reducing digestive issues and eliminating the need for a dog to suffer bloating or indigestion. A lot of dog owners have taken up this trend recently, but don't run out and buy those new bowls just yet.

One of the main arguments for elevated dog food bowls is that by having the food on the floor, the dog has to get into an unnatural position to eat it, thereby putting his digestive system into an unusual angle.

This is supposedly why dogs have bloating, indigestion, and possibly vomiting after meals. The makers of these elevated bowls state that bringing the food and water up to the height of the dog's chest will allow him to more comfortably chew and swallow the food, without instigating a buildup of stomach gas.

When you really stop to think about it, it's actually pretty silly to think that dogs need to eat like that.

The best rule of thumb when it comes to deciding what is best for your dog is to look at how dogs behave in the wild.

When it comes to the ingredients in your food, you want to make sure it has plenty of meat-based protein sources so that it more closely resembles the natural dog food of a wild dog.

Similarly, think of how a dog eats in the wild. It doesn't prop its food up on a log so that it's the appropriate height; it goes for it while it's still resting on the ground. Dogs have been developed to eat food like this because it's the fastest way to consume it before another predator comes along and tries to steal it.

A dog's digestive system isn't exactly like humans, even though a lot of people seem to believe that.

It has the same basic components, but where human digestive systems are largely vertical in nature, a dog's is decidedly more horizontal, making it easier to bend down to grab food at floor level.

Of course, that being said there are other reasons why you might want to get elevated dog food bowls for your pooch. For one thing, they'll do away with the problem of insects. Sometimes no matter how well you clean the area around the dog bowls they still attract ants. By raising them off the floor, you completely do away with this problem. If the ants can get to it, they won't eat it and bring their friends.

It's also bound to be a lot easier for you. Bending over constantly, especially as you get on in life, can be very detrimental to your back. By using raised dog food bowls you don't have to bend as far to change water or add food.

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